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Lori McKenna performs "Humble and Kind" and "People Get Old"

Grammy-winning artist and songwriter Lori McKenna
Becky Fluke / Courtesy of the artist

Last week on Open Studio, Grammy-winning singer and songwriter Lori McKenna sat down with WGBH Arts Editor Jared Bowen to discuss her prolific music career. McKenna also took the time to perform her Grammy-Winning single "Humble and Kind." Listen to the complete song below:

A Massachusetts native, Lori McKenna spends a lot of her time working on music in Nashville, Tennessee and at home with her family in Stoughton, Massachusetts. With "Humble and Kind," McKenna said she wanted to write a song about all of the things she and her husband wanted their kids to know.

"It’s a very simple song because it’s a list. ... That’s what you want your kids to be. You want them to be humble. You want them to be kind."

In 2016, McKenna won the Grammy Award for best country song for co-writing the hit single "Girl Crush," performed by Little Big Town. McKenna also won a Grammy Award in 2017 for best country song, for writing "Humble and Kind," performed by Tim McGraw.

McKenna closed the interview with another song she wrote at home in Stoughton called "People Get Old." The main character in her song, she said, is a mix of her father -- now in his eighties -- and her husband's father. Listen to the complete song below.


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