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LISTEN: Father Recounts Fan's Use Of Racial Slur At Fenway Park

courtesy of Calvin Hennick

On two consecutive nights this week, there were complaints of the 'N' word being used at Fenway Park. 

On Monday, Orioles' center fielder Adam Jones said he heard racial slurs from the stands. A bag of peanuts was thrown at him.

Then on Tuesday, Nile Hennick was celebrating his upcoming 6th birthday with his father, who is white, and his grandfather on his mother's side, who is black. A woman from Kenya had just sung the national anthem, when a man turned to Nile's dad and used the 'N' word to describe the singing.  

The dad reported the slur to an usher, and the Red Sox ejected the fan, who has now been banned from Fenway Park for life.

The father, Calvin Hennick, spoke with WGBH All Things Considered host Barbara Howard at his house on the South Shore.

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