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How Two Sports Are Keeping The Bay State's Irish Culture Thriving

Photo by Oisin Hurley, courtesy of Flickr/Creative Commons

In Ireland, two national sports reign supreme: hurling and Gaelic football. Hurling, often called "the fastest game on grass," and Gaelic -- or Irish -- football, are starting to increase in popularity here in Massachusetts and throughout the country. And the Irish Sports Youth League of Boston, based in Canton, Mass., is just one of hundreds of clubs nationwide teaching the exciting Gaelic games to a new generation of Irish-Americans.


- Ellen Joyce, chairperson of the Irish Sports Youth League of Boston.

- John Fitzgibbon, hurling and Irish football coach with the Irish Sports Youth League of Boston, and an All-Ireland hurling champion.

Want to see what hurling and Gaelic football are all about? Check out the videos below!


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