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'No Valid Safety And Security Reason' Behind Trump's Latest Travel Ban, Says Homeland Security Expert Juliette Kayyem

Several hundred people march down the middle of Massachusetts Avenue through Harvard Square in protest to a travel ban in Cambridge, Mass., Tuesday, March 7, 2017.
AP Photo/Charles Krupa

Earlier this week, President Donald Trump rolled out a new version of his controversial travel ban. 

The new version blocks citizens from six predominantly Muslim countries from entering the United States, removing Iraq from the original list of seven. It also removed some of the most criticized provisions, like its indefinite suspension of the Syrian refugee program.

Homeland security expert and host of "The SCIF" podcast Juliette Kayyem said the order may be written more clearly, but she doesn't believe the policy is any better.

"It's clearer about whether it applies to green card holders, it has a ramp-up period, so it doesn't happen immediately," she said.

"Does it make it better from a policy perspective? I've been against this," Kayyem continued.

Kayyem said the main terrorist threat to the United States is from homegrown terrorists, not from citizens of the six nations singled out by Trump's order. She said America should focus on intelligence-gathering and outreach in countries where groups like the Islamic State are active, not target all citizens of those nations in a blanket order.

Kayyem believes the order only serves to alienate America's allies in the Muslim world.

"We've managed to piss off the entire Muslim world—that's hard to do, it's a billion people—for no reason, no valid safety and security reason," she said.

To hear more from Juliette Kayyem, tune in to Boston Public Radio above.

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