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ICA Shines Spotlight on Local, Established Artists

Callie Crossley observes Lucy Kim's work at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston.
Photo by Andrea Asuaje

Every other year, the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) awards its James and Audrey Foster Prize to established, Boston-based artists who are well-known on a national and international level but who have received little recognition in Boston itself. Callie Crossley sat down with ICA curator Dan Byers and two of the artists -- Lucy Kim and Sonia Almeida -- chosen for this year's prize exhibit. Under the Radar also took a field trip to the ICA to take a look at the full exhibit prior to its opening on February 14. The James and Audrey Foster Prize exhibit runs through July 9, 2017.


- Dan Byers, the Mannion Family senior curator at the Institute of Contemporary Art

- Sonia Almeida, an artist living in Arlington and a lecturer in visual arts at Brandeis University

- Lucy Kim, an artist living in Cambridge and a lecturer in fine arts at Brandeis University

Bonus content

Can't make it to the ICA? Check out some stills and in-depth explanation of the exhibit from curator Dan Byers.


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