Eighty-five years ago, Harvard's Memorial Church was dedicated to those who died in World War I. On Sunday, the church celebrated the anniversary with a rededication and commemoration of the many who served and sacrificed in wars since. Massachusetts Rep. Seth Moulton, a Harvard graduate, gave the sermon.

Moulton says civilians too easily forget that veterans come out of the service wanting to serve further. Moulton says he, too, thought he'd be ready to check off the box for "served my country" after getting out of the military.

But instead, he says: ”I found that when I got out I really missed it. I missed the sense of purpose I had in my life every single day. Even in the midst of a war, I disagreed with in Iraq. Every single day, my work impacted the lives of other people. And that's a big part of why I find myself back in public service now. This is the first job I've had since being a Marine where I feel like my work can impact the lives of other people every single day."

And that’s why Moulton is actively encouraging veterans to run for office. He’s endorsed 12 to run for Congress and says that’s just the beginning.