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Election 2016: Third Party Candidates

With two major candidates so disliked, by so many voters, why hasn't a third-party alternative caught on? We take that up with a guy who's had some experience as a third-party candidate himself, Evan Falchuk (@efalchuk) and the Globe's Neil Swidey (@neilswidey) who's been digging into the issue as well.

They discussed the reasons behind Stein and Johnson's failed third party runs. Falchuk said that both candidates are painfully out of their depth. He also attributed low level voter engagement. Unless voters decide that they're going to put money and effort behind a third party, we'll keep getting candidates like Stein and Johnson, he said. Swidey said that two very unconventional candidates went through the main party route, Sanders and Trump. He noted that both got unexpected traction, and he said that a possible route would be to reform the party from within.

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