As anyone who has lived anywhere chilly can attest, clearing snow off a car can be cold, time-consuming work.

Most of us would agree it's also a necessary step before driving anywhere.

An 80-year old Ontario man appeared to disagree. He was caught driving a car encased in snow, except for a small section on the driver's side window.

As you can see, the car itself is barely visible.

"Can't make this stuff up," the Ontario Provincial Police tweeted. They penalized the driver 110 Canadian dollars (about $75 U.S.) for driving with an obstructed view.

The officer "helped the old fellow to clear the window," the police added.

"He was going for a short drive in town. I can understand his excuse was he was too old, too weak to brush off the snow," police spokesman James Stanley told the Associated Press.

The temperature Wednesday in Brussels, Ontario, peaked at a frigid 17 degrees.

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