Good morning.

Our early headlines:

-- In Syria, Peace Plan 'Is Unraveling'.

-- Pentagon Condemns Actions Of Soldiers Posing With Suicide Bombers' Remains.

-- Ted Nugent Stands Firm, Secret Service To Look Into His Words About Obama.

Other stories making news:

-- "Obama, Romney In Dead Heat Among Registered Voters." (CBS News)

-- Norway's Mass Murderer Says "He Should Either Be Acquitted Or Executed;" A Jail Term Would Be "Pathetic." (The Guardian)

-- "Secret Service Inquiry Leads To Colombian Brothels." (The New York Times)

-- "GSA Official's Wife Accompanied Him On Trips At Taxpayer Expense." (The Washington Post)

-- "Ozzie Guillen Back In Marlins' Dugout, Promises To Manage His Mouth." (Miami Herald)

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