As of noon on Oct. 29, Massachusetts was already experiencing significant power outages — with the worst of Hurricane Sandy to come.

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National Grid was reporting about 12,000 outages at noon Monday, with Whitman, Hopedale and Lynn among the hardest hit communities.

NStar was reporting close to 13,000 outages at mid-day, with Freetown and Westwood the most affected towns.

NStar has about 1.1 million customers and National Grid has about 1.3 million customers statewide.

Western Massachusetts Electric Co. had a little more than 2,000 outages at mid-day. Unitil had almost 500 Massachusetts customers without electricity just after noon.

As for Rhode Island, about 12,000 customers had lost power as of 1:15 p.m. and officials were warning people to be prepared for widespread and prolonged outages as stormy conditions intensify.

National Grid says thousands of the outages were concentrated in Cumberland and Woonsocket.

Spokesman David Graves says the utility has 1,000 people at the ready, many from out of state, to work to restore power. But he warns crews can't use bucket trucks in winds over 40 miles per hour. Due to the expected length of the storm and high wind speeds, Graves says people should be aware it could take several hours to start work to restore power.

He also reminds people to stay away from downed wires.

Rhode Island's state government is posting updates at