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Yo-Yo Ma Performs "A New Equilibrium" in Live Global Concert from Fraser Studio

Yo-Yo Ma Performs “A New Equilibrium” in Live Global Concert from Fraser Studio
Dec. 17, 2020

Production Group Blog4: Yo Yo Ma Sits with his instrument

GBH Studios were thrilled to welcome world-renowned cellist, Yo-Yo Ma, to the Fraser Performance Studio this past October where he performed three live concerts in one 24-hour period to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations.

Led by Yo-Yo Ma, a United Nations Messenger of Peace, a variety of accomplished artists from around the world held a virtual performance that combined music, words, and images to instill an overall message of hope for the future.

Production group Blog 4b:  Yo Yo Ma Scoring a Shark Video

Behind-the-scenes, the complexity of the production elements and the global aspects of each concert were daunting, so Yo-Yo Ma’s team called on the combination of the GBH Production Group and Radio departments. Together, they mastered the look, the on-screen elements, timing, and transformation of the Fraser Studio – resulting in a beautifully intimate setting. The 90" monitor was positioned at a height that allowed Yo-Yo to feel his collaborators were seated in the studio with him during the live performances. The program was shot safely with 4 robotic cameras deftly run by Bob Martin while the intimate studio setting was created by lighting designer Phil Reilly and tech-directed by Bill Francis.

Production group blog4c: Yo Yo Ma Collaborating online

Multiple Grammy award-winning Audio-Producer and Sound-Engineer, Antonio Oliart, mixed and synced 11 musical pieces, live for each performance, to create a breathtakingly seamless audio experience.

In the control room, following COVID-safe protocols, a small team of directors, producers, and crew members facilitated three immersive and creative experiences which were streamed live to the IDAGIO Global Concert Hall for world-wide audiences to view across all time zones.

As Yo-Yo Ma said of his experience at GBH during Q&A with Radio’s Brian McCreath, “Creativity happens when you know you're on stable, supported ground to experiment and explore, and we felt that with all of you from start to finish.”

Production Group Blog 4d: Brian interviews Yo Yo Ma