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Booker - The World (Boston)

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AEEF, Full Time

The World

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Department Overview
The World is a leading American journalism franchise covering global issues on public radio, podcasts and online. The World delivers journalism that is consequential, influential and high-profile. Produced by the combined public media innovators, PRI and PRX, in partnership with the BBC World Service and WGBH, The World reaches more than three million listeners across North America each week and 1.5 million on-line. Our newsroom in Boston is a place where passion and curiosity meet global politics and culture. We strive to tell deeply human stories in creative and innovative ways.

Position Overview
The booker plays a critical role in cementing The World as the premiere broadcast and multi-media entity on global affairs, international stories and connected journalism.

The ideal candidate has excellent sources and instincts, can deliver superb guests uniquely qualified to explain, defend, connect and reveal complex global events and policies. The booker should have a powerful source file, and the ability to work with speed and care, delivering proper preparation for both interviewee and host.

The World is committed to bringing new, diverse voices from around the globe to a public media audience; this person will play a critical role in securing those voices. They pitch, generate and book original guests that put the show and its digital extensions on the map on a regular basis. They actively contribute to a work environment that is respectful, safe and where all people are urged to perform to the best of their abilities.

We want someone with superb drive – to be first, to be creative and able to help The World set the agenda. The show values ambition; can you reliably deliver a prime minister or president, a key player from a top global story, as well someone with their own deeply personal story that illuminates a global trend or tells us more about our shared world? Can you help research and craft the unique and surprising questions our listeners expect?

A key member of the editorial team, the booker is industrious, curious, passionate and mission-driven; dedicated to both innovative journalism and the highest standards of editorial integrity. This person is a master of detail and nuance, who can revel in making a clear difference to audiences and the public in what the show can explain through a superb interview. They actively think about the audience and how the show interacts with them, affects them, serves them, and reaches them.

This person is steeped in international, current affairs, and aggressively seeks out surprising angles, key guests and ideas that help illuminate our interconnected world.

They help push the boundaries of global storytelling, and constantly think of beyond-broadcast opportunities for all stories and interviews.

Responsibilities/Essential Functions
50% - Pitch, generate and book broadcast guests. Aggressively seek out the showcase voices that will encapsulate the editorial identity of The World.

10% - Assist in editorial briefs and research as needed.

10% - Develop sources and maintain contacts.

10% - Help maximize multimedia/cross platform opportunities, including most notably engagement.

10% - Work with Assignment and Specialist Editors to ensure that future coverage meets the program’s needs.

10% - Monitor and consume other broadcast/digital coverage of global affairs to help both distinguish and clearly delineate our own distinctive coverage.

Skills Required
The successful candidate should have:

  • 5 years of demonstrated journalism success with a developed source file of primary global contacts.
  • Demonstrable experience booking high-profile guests, excellent writing and critical thinking skills, including the ability to write engagingly and creatively on deadline.
  • Strong familiarity with the breadth of global issues and experience with online content creation
  • The ability to work both collaboratively and independently.
  • An ability to communicate across lines of difference and make positive contribute to a culture that values respect, diversity, and high expectations.
  • An audience-first orientation. Can understand the needs and experiences of the show’s audience to continuously improve their work.

Educational Requirements
Bachelor's degree preferred.