Every week, WGBH Arts Editor  Jared Bowensums up the exhibitions, theater, movies and music you should check out in and around Boston -- and what not to miss on your summer vacation.

COLOSSAL, presented by Company One Theatre, at the Boston Center for the Arts through Aug. 15

Jared says: "This is really a terrific production…you feel like you’re walking into a game."

Synopsis: It’s game day at Company One Theatre, which is staging the football extravaganza "Colossal." Played in four quarters, including an entertainment-filled halftime, it’s a play about love of the game, a love for one another, and the bonds between fathers and sons.

LAFAYETTE: AN AMERICAN ICON, at the Boston Athenaeum through Sept. 27

Jared says: "This exhibition looks at how we looked at Lafayette—with great portraits."

Synopsis: It’s been some two hundred and forty years since a young Frenchman arrived in America hoping to become a hero of the Revolution. Now, one of the oldest libraries in the U.S. is presenting a portrait exhibition of the Marquis de Lafayette that gets to the heart of this famous foreigner and his friendship with George Washington.

MUSEUM OF RUSSIAN ICONS, in Clinton, Massachusetts

Jared says: "It’s a beautiful museum…the largest collection of Russian icons outside of Russia, and they’re gorgeous pieces."

Synopsis: The Museum of Russian Icons has some 1,000 pieces dating from the 14th century to the present, the largest collection of icons outside of Russia. They are the pieces, that for centuries, were anchors for spirituality: installed magnificently in churches, privately in homes and even quietly on soldiers’ lapels. The entire collection, not to mention the pristine museum that houses it, is, for lack of a better term, the hobby of now-retired plastics magnate Gordon Lankton. Today Lankton’s collection dwarfs even the icons collections of the world’s major museums—who now lend to him. The institution’s new show of loans from the British Museum traces icons from Russia back to Byzantium and is on view through Sept. 12.

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