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Audition Submission Form

Sing That Thing! (the “Series”) is a television series produced by WGBH Educational Foundation (“WGBH”) in which choirs and choral groups from throughout New England shall compete during a juried music performance series. This competition is open to choral groups and choirs based in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, and Vermont. By submitting this Audition Submission Form (the “Audition Submission Form”) and an audition video (the “Audition Video”), which can be recorded on any device (smartphone, tablet or video camera), you represent and warrant that: (a) you are authorized to submit this registration form and to agree to all terms contained herein on behalf of yourself and those depicted in the video and listed on the Audition Submission Form (“your group”) and have received permission to submit this form from the parent or legal guardian of any group members who are under the age of 18 years old (each a “Minor”); (b) you and your group have reviewed in their entirety, and shall abide by, the Audition/Participation Terms and Conditions (the “Rules”), the Series Website Terms of Use (the “Website Terms”), and the Privacy Policy; (c) you, your group and the Audition Video meet all eligibility requirements contained within the Rules; and (d) that all information that you provide in this Audition Submission Form is true and accurate.

All groups shall be required to submit an Audition Video. By submitting an Audition Video, you hereby represent and warrant that: (a) you are either the owner of the copyright in the Audition Video or an authorized representative of the copyright owner; (b) the Audition Video shall contain no material that violates any of the Rules or Website Terms; (c) your submission of the Audition Video and WGBH’s review and use thereof shall not violate any personal or property rights of any third party, nor constitute defamation, libel or slander against any third party; (d) you are submitting the Audition Video to WGBH voluntarily, without any promise of payment or inducement by WGBH; and (e) you understand that submission of the Audition Video does not impose or create any obligation on the part of WGBH to make any use of or distribute the Audition Video on any platform or medium or to acknowledge the submission of the Audition Video.

While you shall retain ownership of the copyright of the Audition Video, by submitting it, you hereby grant to WGBH the rights to: (a) use the Audition Video, in whole or in part, for any purpose whatsoever, including the promotion of WGBH and its distributors and/or funders; and (b) exhibit, distribute, market, advertise, promote, license and sell any work containing the Audition Video, in whole or in part, throughout the world, in perpetuity.

You, on behalf of yourself and your group, hereby release WGBH and its designees from any claims that you, or your group and its members, may have relating to the Series or WGBH’s use of the Audition Video.

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