Two Little Huge Words

By Laura Carlo

We had such a great time Sunday afternoon at Russell’s Garden Center, Route 20 in Wayland. It was our 21st annual Pre-Holiday Decorating Event where Russells’ amazing designers taught us how we could make eye-popping decorations for our homes this holiday season. They had beautiful-yet-easy ideas for centerpieces, buffet table or mantle piece décor. The event is always a lot of fun and it was so gratifying that there were so many familiar faces there---folks who have been coming out for this free event for years. 

It was also a pleasure to meet newcomers to this event. I can’t believe how many folks said almost the same thing to me as I got the chance to say “hello,” and that was “thank you, 99.5, for providing me/us with such great music.”  Person after person wanted me to hear the word “thanks” to pass along to my colleagues and to assure us that they are there, listening 24/7.  One well-dressed gentleman told me he travels a lot for business and “you can’t believe how few good classical radio stations you find around the country.”

A woman came a long distance to say we had been her late husband’s favorite station and she became a listener because of him and just came out Sunday to thank us for making her husband’s last days more bearable. Children told me they are awakened and put to bed to 99.5.  A teacher said her children walk into class hearing the station and it calms them down. A Rhode Island couple came all that way to tell me they crank up their computer to at least be able to hear us on-line. And they all said “thank you” for the music. I know we’re heading into Thanksgiving and hearing the words “thank you” was really sweet...but in truth, I (we all) thank you for letting me/us have a reason to do what we do.
(photo:  Russell's Garden Center)

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