Summer Arts Weekend: Bonaparte Dazzles and it's MAGIC!

By Stacy Buchanan

July 24, 2012

Bonaparte (photo:

I was eight when I attended my first magic show. I was at a birthday party for my friend Sean, a self-proclaimed magician since discovering he had a knack for guessing which card I pulled out of the pile. The real magician’s name was Daring Dan, and not only did he bring a rabbit named Jasper that he made disappear numerous times, he also had a way with balloon bending.

While in line to get my balloon I wanted to ask for something spectacular, so I thought long and hard. And when it was finally my turn, I walked up with a roaring confidence and asked Daring Dan, innocently, for a pepperoni pizza with a few onions. He graciously smiled and sent me away with a pink butterfly. I was still tickled silly that I got to see a real magic show, and now had a balloon animal, that I of course named “Pepperoni Pizza with a Few Onions”.

And that’s what magicians do best no matter what your age–they put a smile on your face! Bonaparte, one of Boston’s favorite magicians, has been doing this in the area for quite some time.

“The local arts are very important to me—as both a performer and as a person who appreciates the impact that being exposed to the arts had on me as a child,” says Bonaparte. “As a full-time professional entertainer, I now have the opportunity to share my magic, humor and sophisticated silliness with audiences ranging in age from small children to our elder community.”

Bonaparte has a knack for captivating audiences with his award-winning magic blended with comedy, audience participation, origami, and balloon sculpture.

“I particularly take pleasure in dazzling the children at Children’s Hospital or at other venues where my participation allows me to take frowns and magically transform them into big smiles! It is times like that—that I really love my job!”

So add a little magic–and some new memories–into your weekend by treating yourself and your family to a magic show full of smiles and surprises with Bonaparte. I’ve got my fingers crossed that I’ll finally get a pepperoni pizza with a few onions balloon.

Bonaparte will be performing at the Boston Summer Arts Weekend at 12:15 pm on Saturday, July 28th.


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