Preservation Hall Band Swings Copley


July 27, 2012

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Preservation Hall Jazz Band on the main stage with Del McCoury and Sierra Hull at the Boston Summer Arts Festival in Copley Square. (Addy Shreffler/WGBHArts)

BOSTON — The spirit of collaboration got off to a roaring start when Del McCoury and Sierra Hull joined Preservation Hall Jazz Band on stage in Copley Square tonight. The confluence of New Orleans jazz and bluegrass yielded something that reshaped both ingredients. Prez Hall got a little gallop, Del a little swing and the result was a fresh twist on country swing. A version of Hank Williams’ “Jambalaya” made for a particularly inspired meeting point.

And who can sit once “When the Saints Go Marching In” fills the air? Following the lead of lindy hoppers who danced on stage, many in the Copley crowd got on their feet, popping open umbrellas that were otherwise unnecessary as the rain held off but made for pretty decorations as they shimmied to Prez Hall’s swing.

Preservation Hall Band at the Summer Arts Festival in Copley Square. (Video:Kris Wilton)

Swing Dancers join the fun on the main stage in Copley Square. (Video:Kris Wilton)

View even more fun at the first night of the Summer Arts Weekend in Copley Square, where music from Del McCoury, Sierra Hull and The Jazz Hall Preservation Band inspired everyone to get up and swing.

(Photos: Addy Shreffer/WGBHArts)


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