My Flight Of Fancy At 'Peter Pan'

By Jared Bowen

Dec. 14, 2011

BOSTON —  Neverland is the place of dreams and of adventure; of unbridled childhood and a fantasy everyone can reach — and in the words of Tina Fey, I want to go to there.
An elaborate production of “Peter Pan” has been drawing audiences to its theater set up on Boston’s City Hall Plaza all season long. With a unique 360-degree theater, the show takes the famous tale to new heights.
I had an invitation to soar and be a star — that is, to take a flying lesson and have a cameo role as a pirate in the show one night. As Pirate Number 7, I had no lines, thankfully. I just had to remember what to do on stage as a member of Captain Hook’s menacing crew. And though I stayed earthbound during the performance, that afternoon I just had to fly.
Watch the “Greater Boston” segment to see how the flying apparatus works and learn just exactly what you should do with your feet if you ever find yourself floating in the air towards Neverland.

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