Life Savors: Stop and Smell the...well, Snow

By Laura Carlo

Jan. 18

I’ve been busy lately ... really busy.  After my 8-plus hours here at work every day I have a couple of other “jobs” that I take on daily---one as a daughter and one as a mother.  I’m grateful to be doing this care giving, and I do so willingly, honored that I have this chance to do this.  Nothing like being needed, nothing like love, even if there is so much to do that on some days I think I forget to breathe.  So sometimes as I sit in this studio trying to get ahead on my programming and/or filling my time with tasks upon tasks, I understand how easy it is for anyone to get so involved in the “must dos” that other things so important to our collective sanity just become lower numbers on the “to be done” list.  And then ... this morning around 3am as I entered the building, I actually took a moment to look around, first upwards at the sky - dark charcoal colored but with the outline of round clouds clearly visible, then to the Boston skyline to my right, lights on the skyscrapers actually twinkling, and finally, right in front of me where the fattest, healthiest looking snowman I have ever seen was waiting to be admired in his brown Fedora finery.  I stopped and just stood there in 19-degree temperature just to take a good look and to laugh out loud.  Just the morning fuel I needed.

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