Jared Bowen's Arts Ahead: Keep it Real

By Jared Bowen

March 1, 2012


Altan Dugaraa, Sarah Wroth and Yury Yanowsky by Gene Schiavone

BOSTON — Fans of the performing arts can contemplate what makes a work of art this weekend, with three events: ballet that reveals the pure essence of the dance, circus acrobats that take the body's performance to the extreme without any fanfare, or play about a painting and its inherent value.

Play with Fire
The Boston Ballet interrupts its season with three incredible, cutting-edge works, including Jorma Elo’s Sharp Side of Dark, a revival of Jirí Kylián’s Bella Figura, and a Company premiere of Christopher Bruce’s Rooster, featuring music of The Rolling Stones. 
At the Boston Opera House through March 11

Circa's CIRCA
Presented by Celebrity Series of Boston
At the Paramount Theatre through March 4th

Circa is a performance troupe from Brisbane, Australia that currently consists of 14 members. With no elaborate sets or gymnasticscontraptions, performers use their own bodies and mesmerizing skills to conjure classic circus showmanship with a touch of Vaudeville. CIRCA explores the modern circus: no clowns, no animals, no flames.  Just raw human skill and acrobatic feats with ropes, aerial feats, hoops and trapeze acts. 

Bakersfield Mist
Presented by New Repertory Theatre
At The Arsenal Center for the Arts (Watertown) through March 18th

Maude Gutman bought the ugliest thrift store painting she could get her hands on as a gag gift, but when it's rejected, Maude tries to offload it at a yard sale. She learns it just might be the “find of the century,” an undiscovered Jackson Pollock painting. Lionel Percy, a renowned art expert, arrives at Maude’s trailer to investigate the painting’s potential, and the two embark on a fiery debate over class, truth, and what we personally perceive as valuable.

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