Happy Halloween!

By Laura Carlo

When my child was a few weeks shy of his 2nd birthday I showed him a Halloween costume catalog that had come in the mail. There was a beautifully-designed “Prince Charming” costume complete with beribboned jacket with gold buttons and epaulets, a gold crown and a very cool (child-safe) princely sword to be strapped to his side. I loved it, imagining  the ooohs and aaaahs of his doting Grandparents, and the sweetest photo on that December’s Christmas card. A perfect costume for my little prince. “No Mama...Piderman!”  He was adamant.  Spiderman? My beautiful child wanted to cover his little dimpled face with a Spiderman mask? Can’t happen! I tried and tried to sell him on the prince idea, stressing the cool sword he could have...but he kept flipping back to the “Piderman” page. My sister, an experienced mother of three, told me to just learn to pick my battles, reminding me of a battle I had at five with my mother over a Cleopatra costume. Piderman it was. There was no Prince Charming the next year, either. He had to be a rather muscle-bound Superman, complete with curl on his forehead. I gave up on the Prince Charming costume idea...it’s never going to happen. No, my child will always aim to be one of the righteous characters who will, as he says “catch the bad guys and save the world.”  Given the state of our world... I’m good with that.

Tomorrow through Friday, between 5am and 9am, I'll share some pieces with Halloween themes to set the mood for Sunday: Listen for Paul Dukas’ “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” (relive Disney's fantastic animation below!), Tartini’s “Devil’s Trill,” Gounod’s “Funeral March of a Marionette” and more! 

And remember my favorite Halloween tip:  go out and buy waaaay too much of your favorite candy, then lose the receipt. Practice looking innocent as you say the words...”Oh well, I don’t want it to go to waste....”  And feel free to share your own Halloween memories below, too!
(image:  Wikimedia commons:  Mansour de Toth)

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