Crane Estates


Cindy Brockway, Cultural Resources Program Director for The Trustees of Reservations at Crane Estates, ponders the relationship between art and nature:
“I like to thing that extraordinary art is made exceptional by its juxtaposition to outstanding natural scenery. For me, great art is found in the interaction between the natural and the cultural, each inspiring and informing the other. A great work of landscape architecture can be humbled in the face of an incredible sunset, the birth of a Least Tern chick, or sunlight raking an old stone foundation. Similarly, some of our greatest landscape paintings celebrate the vicissitudes of the American landscape more dramatically that Mother Nature herself. It is this emotional and intellectual response to our surroundings that write newchapters in our emotions, shake our inner self, make us feel small, move us in awe, and encourage us to wander, and to wonder. At The Trustees, this is our journey.”


Crane Estates
290 Argilla Road, Ipswich, MA 01938
The 2,100 Crane Estate is comprised of three distinct properties: CraneBeach, Castle Hill (National Historic Landmark), and the Crane Wildlife Refuge. Bounded by the Essex and Ipswich River Estuaries, the Crane Estate represents some of Massachusetts’ most scenic, historically important and ecologically diverse landscapes. Each component of the Crane Estate possesses a unique set of historical and ecological resources. Collectively they represent an oasis in which the splendor of an American Country Place has been preserved and its resources are protected through attentive active stewardship. This fall, the Trustees of the Reservation bring a series of events to Castle Hill and theGreat House at Crane Estate: lectures and tours on English history, architecture, and designed landscapes; an art show and sale featuring artists based in the North Shore; and a winter festival with live music, dance performances and gift donations. Learn more on our website.

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