Brown Pushes For Pro-Business Policies Over Breakfast

By Sarah Birnbaum

Sen. Brown addressed the Boston Chamber of Commerce on Monday. (AP)

BOSTON -- Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, the lone Republican in the state’s Congressional delegation, spoke about the economy Monday morning at a breakfast sponsored by the Boston Chamber of Commerce.  It was Brown’s first address to the chamber since Election Day, when Republicans swept of the nation’s House of Representatives -- and lost every statewide election here in Massachusetts.

Brown opened with a self-effacing joke about how few members of the chamber came to see him last time he addressed them, back when he was a state senator from Wrentham.

Then, in front of the 350 business leaders that gathered to see him that day, the senator assailed his Congressional colleagues for not spending enough time on job creation.
“Every day in Washington, I get up in the morning and get our briefing started, and I wonder what kind of fluff -- what kind of fluff -- is going to be pushed in the legislative session today?” Brown said. “Because I tell you what, since I’ve been there, we’ve only spent 10 to 12 days talking about jobs.”
Brown called for pro-business policies such as lowering the corporate tax rate and retaining the Bush Era tax cuts for all Americans, including the wealthy. Those tax cuts are set to expire at the end of this year.
“By not extending them, it’s a tax increase in the middle of a two year recession.  It’s the worst thing we can do right now,” Brown said.
Brown said it was too soon for him to think about keeping his own job by kicking off a re-election campaign.
“People say, Scott, you know, are you worried about your job?  Give me a break.  Really,” Brown said. “The time for running for reelection will be here in another year or so.  Do you know whose jobs I’m worried about? Yours.”

Since the midterm elections, Brown has become a subject of speculation in the Bay State.  While polling shows him to be the state’s most popular politician, every Massachusetts candidate he endorsed in the recent elections lost, leaving some to say that Brown himself may be vulnerable in 2012.  

Others, however, say Brown has built a national reputation and could be a viable future presidential candidate.

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