Amy Correia: Back Home In Massachusetts

By WGBH News

Feb. 3, 2011

Amy Correia played in WGBH's studios on Thursday. (Jess Bidgood/WGBH)

BOSTON — When Amy Correia released her debut album, Carnival Love, about a decade ago, she transfixed listeners with a hypnotic blend of folk, blues and soul. 

Just a few months ago, with a little help from her fans, she put out You Go Your Way, a record that veers seamlessly from arena rock to gospel music, that includes both power chords and a string quartet.

And now, after a career based mostly in New York and LA, Correia's moved back here to her home state of Massachusetts.

Joining us on Thursday's Emily Rooney Show, Correia sang Lakeville, a gorgeous tribute her Massachusetts hometown. "Growing up in Lakeville was beautiful. It was quiet, eerily quiet at times. I think I always wanted to leave," said Correia. "I think there was a time, the middle of my career, when I just sort of wanted to return to something a little more grounded, a little more real."

But she compared living in Massachusetts today to the time she spent early in her career playing in the Lower East Side at the same time as artists like Jeff Buckley and Paula Cole.

"I'm kind of finding that now in Boston, I'm feeling a sort of renaissance in terms of a community feeling, I've met so many great musicians here," Correia said.

Press "play" above to hear Correia's set on the Emily Rooney show.

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