WGBH Union Negotiations


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Wages and Benefits Offered in the Final Proposal

WGBH is offering a generous wage and benefits package, especially given the continued recession and economic challenges facing our industry and the public media system:

  • Wage increases for all members except those who are paid well above the range for their positions or those who receive the lowest rating on their performance reviews;
  • 11 paid holidays;
  • Up to 4 weeks of paid vacation;
  • Health and dental insurance with employer contributions of up to 75%;
  • Retirement contributions of 4% of an employee's salary;
  • 2 weeks of paid sick and personal time;
  • Fully employer-funded short-term disability insurance that provides replacement income of 80% of an employee's weekly salary for up to 13 weeks and covers maternity leave;
  • Fully employer-funded long-term disability insurance;
  • Paid adoption and paternity leave;
  • Paid bereavement leave;
  • Severance pay of up to 10 weeks for staff and up to 12 weeks in special circumstances;
  • Educational assistance;
  • Subsidized parking;
  • Supplementation of pay for annual military leave and jury duty;
  • Opportunity to reevaluate compensation for employees whose responsibilities are increased;
  • Commitment to conduct a market review of all bargaining unit wage ranges during the term of the agreement.