WGBH Union Negotiations


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Executive Compensation

With respect to what the union has referred to as "bonuses," some WGBH executives have compensation that is split—part of their compensation is in the form of a base salary and part is linked to revenue generation or successful completion of projects. The portion of their compensation that is linked to revenue generation or completion of projects must be listed on our tax forms under a column titled "bonuses and incentive compensation." That compensation was paid to executives during the recession if their goals were hit.

A committee of WGBH Board of Trustee members determines the salaries for WGBH's executives. Each year, when setting executives' compensation, the committee considers information about how executives at other nonprofits in our geographical area are compensated and how executives at other public media producers and stations are compensated. To date, the committee has found that the executive compensation at WGBH to be well within the range of that of comparable nonprofits and public media organizations.