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It's not just master control. It's total control.

If you were designing Master Control and Media Management expressly for public broadcasters, you would:

  • Leverage the latest in cloud computing and network services
  • Specify best-in-class products and applications
  • Configure superb redundancy and high availability
  • Eliminate storage constraints
  • Insist on retaining local control of your streams
  • Demand technology that is future proof for continual changes in the media landscape
  • Insist on a system that empowers you to better serve your audiences and members

That’s the concept behind Public Media Management—PMM—a new media management solution from WGBH and Sony.

What PMM Delivers
PMM is a service that takes care of content acquisition, transcoding, quality assurance, delivery of nationally distributed public television content and complete monitoring of the software and hardware at your station and monitoring of your streams. The benefits are profound.

  • No up-front costs
  • Affordable monthly fee
  • Unprecedented reliability
  • Superb versatility
  • Inclusive vendor service agreements

The PMM Network Operations Center (NOC)
The NOC captures most national public television content, conducts quality control, adds necessary metadata and uploads to the cloud. This is a state-of-the-art facility equipped with high levels of redundancy to ensure no single point of failure.

  • Receives and records both Real-Time (RT) and Non-Realtime (NRT) content
  • Provides industry-standard AS-03 metadata (using the PBS “shim”) for content identification and browsing
  • Conducts QC to verify PBS standards for audio, video and metadata
  • Provides 24/7 exception monitoring of return video from your facility
  • Leverages Sony’s SystemWatchSM technology to monitor network health and system conditions

The PMM Cloud
Cloud distribution for PMM is managed by Sony’s Ci media platform, which runs on top of Amazon Web Services (AWSTM), world renowned for high security, high reliability and high availability. The PMM cloud automatically stores ready-to-air content that is part of the PBS national broadcast schedule as well as most major public television distributors.

Your PMM Node
At your station, PMM installs a suite of technology, called the Node, that connects to the cloud through a 100MB internet connection, eliminating costly dedicated fiber.

  • Receives information on available assets from the cloud
  • Automatically downloads the required content, based on your schedule
  • Runs unattended play to air under normal operations except for local content ingest or live local breakaway
  • Supports local ingest from file, tape and satellite
  • Provides local branding and flexibility
  • Utilizes local PBS station services platform
  • Node equipment maintenance is covered, including parts, software upgrades and patches

(Added costs for labor may apply.)

A View to the Future
Going forward, your station will be able to customize viewer experiences, share content with other stations, stream content on the web, distribute content to mobile devices, develop new partnerships for content distribution and streamline social media strategies—all under one media management system. PMM also plans to add other media related services such as closed captioning and descriptive video services and cloud storage of your local content. (Additional fees may apply.)

You gain tremendous flexibility, enabling your station to “super serve” local audiences with targeted content streams. The stage is set for a more personalized and customized viewer experience, empowering your station to create a more meaningful and long-term relationship with audiences and members.

For more information, please contact:

Stacey Decker
WGBH Chief Technology Officer