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Stacy Buchanan
Film Festival Preview: Action Film Series at The Brattle Theatre
By Stacy Buchanan

July 30, 2012

Scene from The Raid: Redemption, Sony Picture Classiscs,
directed by Gareth Evans, 2012.

What do you get when you screen a mix of some of the best action movies of all time? A well-deserved kick in the pants, that’s what.

And the Brattle Theatre’s delivering just that with its International Asskicking! series. From now until the end of August, they’ll be showing a variety of international action flicks chock full of fight scenes, car chases, and karate chops to the head during these final dog days of summer.

Festivities kicked off on the 26th with a screening of indie filmmaker Gareth Evans’ The Raid: Redemption, a mind-blowing Indonesian favorite about a squad of cops who ambush an apartment building controlled by a gang lord. Guaranteed to be 101 of the most thrilling minutes of your life, its twist on the genre has not only earned it a “certified fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it’s also the inspiration behind the entire Brattle series.

Films continuing the series include District B13, Ong Bak, Once Upon a Time in China, Iron Monkey, 36th Chamber of Shaolin, Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow and the martial arts favorite Enter the Dragon.

And don’t forget your American butt whooping too. With Expendables 2 starring Stalone, Statham, Willis, Schwarzenegger, Van Damme, Li, Norris, Lundgren, Crews, Couture (and every other contemporary action hero you can think of before running out of breath) coming out soon, the Brattle considers what the all-star cast would have looked like had the film been made in the ‘70s. Caine, Marvin, Eastwood, Roundtree, McQueen and Bronson made the list, and you can watch their popular action flicks Get Carter, Point Blank, Dirty Harry, Shaft, The Getaway and The Mechanic on the big screen during the Brattle’s Classic Tough Guys series.

Mind-blowing lineup, right? (Insert stunt doubles and large expensive movie set explosions here.) The International Asskicking! series will screen on Thursdays and the Classic Tough Guys series runs from August 10th through the 12th. Visit brattlefilm.org for dates and times.


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