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Rockport Music

Tony Beadle, Executive Director for Rockport Music, on his first experience with music: 
“When I was a child, the living room of my home had a cabinet filled with classical music LP records and atop was what we called the ”record player.” It was portable and monaural. I was only about three years old, and found the playing of a record a visual delight. I loved to watch the label spin… I hardly ever noticed the music playing. But one day it happened.  I was playing Gaite Parisienne with Eugene Ormandy and the Philadelphia Orchestra, watching the word C O L U M B I A spin around… I realized the sound of an orchestra playing the raucous cancan was far more fun than watching the needle! The world of sound had opened its doors to me, and music was its reward.  As I grew, I listened to every record in that cabinet repeatedly, eventually graduating to a “stereo console,” as it was called. The love affair with music persists.”

Photo: Alan Joslin

Rockport Music
35 Main Street, Rockport, MA 01966
Founded in 1981, Rockport Music presents exceptional concerts and cultural events in the “stunning acoustics and dramatic setting” (Boston Globe) of its new home, the Shalin Liu Performance Center. Dubbed “New England’s most magical spot for chamber music” by the Boston Globe, the new concert venue is intimate and elegant, with a view of the Atlantic Ocean as the backdrop to the stage. Rockport Music is best known for its summer chamber music festival which features the world’s finest ensembles and soloists. With the opening of the Performance Center, Rockport Music has expanded its offerings to include year-round presentations of jazz, folk and world music, high-definition broadcasts from the Metropolitan Opera and National Theatre (London), and classic and independent films. Education and community outreach activities serve almost 7,500 individuals in the Gloucester and Rockport public schools as well as communities throughout the North Shore.


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