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The Peabody Essex Museum (PEM)

Nancy Berliner, Curator at The Peabody Essex Museum, tells us about finding art in surprising places:
"One of the most inspiring parts of my job is coming upon beautiful and unique objects in the most unexpected places – and then being able to share those objects with our audiences. I have walked into humble houses in remote Chinese villages and seen dynamically-composed patchwork bed covers and door curtains made from old clothes by the women of the house. I’ve blown away dust in the Forbidden City to reveal intricately inlaid mother-of-pearl patterning in black lacquer. And I’ve opened drawers here in the museum storage and found imperial molds for making cricket-cages from gourds, donated to the museum almost a century ago.  There is a human desire that finds deep satisfaction and inspiration in creating and experiencing visually stimulating objects. Being part of the process that allows more people to engage with these objects is a privilege for me. "

The Peabody Essex Museum
East India Square, 161 Essex Street, Salem, MA 01970
The Peabody Essex Museum (PEM) celebrates outstanding artistic and cultural creativity by collecting, stewarding and interpreting objects of art and culture in ways that increase knowledge, enrich the spirit, engage the mind and stimulate the senses.
One of the exceptional highlights of the collection – and a must see for every visitor – is Yin Yu Tang, a 16-bedroom Qing Dynasty home that has been meticulously transportedfrom China for permanent display at PEM. Yin Yu Tang was home to the Huang family in southeast China for more than 200 years before the last descendants moved and offered the house for sale. PEM’s curator of Chinese art, Nancy Berliner, was traveling in the Huizhou region when she discovered the structure and was inspired to bring it piece-by-piece to Salem, Massachusetts. Yin Yu Tang remains the only example of Qing Dynasty architecture found outside of China. 


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