Cape and Island Voices


These short vignettes, "sonic IDs," are sound portraits and short stories that weave throughout the broadcast day of the Cape and Islands NPR Stations. Below are a sample of the hundreds in our archives.

Hear excerpts from Nautical Minutes

Hear excerpts from Hidden Voices, Hidden Stories

Listen Neighborhoods
Ralph Binder of Mashpee

Listen Megaphone
Nantucket's Ruth Chapel Grieder

Listen Radio Voices
Jerry Nelson of Truro

Listen Clapping Scallops
On Martha's Vineyard

Listen WWII Veteran Wesley Ko
WWII Veteran Wesley Ko of East Falmouth

Listen Hanging the Wash
Eileen McGrath's tips on hanging laundry on Nantucket

Listen WWII Veteran Bob Silverberg
WWII Veteran Bob Silverberg of Barnstable

Listen The Clockkeeper Retires
The West Tisbury clockkeeper retires

Listen Stripper Pole
Provincetown Hairdresser Dougie Freeman

Listen Popeye
Writer Susie Seligson of Truro

Listen The Open Sea
Dave Masch on the lure of the open sea

Listen Street Musician
Hyannis street musician Tom Messinger

Listen Baseball for the Blind
The sounds of baseball for the blind

Listen Learning Songs
Former Muppet-show puppeteer Jerry Nelson

Listen Bass Player
Bass Player Bill Evaul of Truro

Listen Blueberries
Warren Hiller: King of the Blueberries

Listen Champion Arm Wrestler
World Champion arm wrestler Jeff Gonsalves of Harwich

Listen Sea Shanties
Mary Malloy on Sea Shanties

Listen Park Ranger
Cape Cod Canal park ranger Kevin Burke

Listen Provincetown
Alice Brock on P'Town

Listen Message to Kids
Mashpee Wamponoag Annawon Weeden

Listen Stairwell in B Flat
Glenway Fripp's musical alcove

Listen Coin Dealer
Yarmouth coin dealer Bill Sharkey

Listen Metal Detector
Hunting for loose change at the beach

Listen Gold
Yarmouth coin dealer Bill Sharkey

Listen Cooking Eels
The late Milton Jeffers on a Cape delicacy

Listen Learning to Fish
Tom Messinger of Hyannis

Listen Cello
Chelsea Doohan's love-hate relationship with her instrument

Listen Coyotes
Dick Wheeler of Wareham

Listen Hide the Bacon
An unorthodox summer in Wareham

Listen Sleeping Under Sinks
Hairdresser and salon owner Dougie Freeman of Provincetown

Listen The Baltics in West Yarmouth
Pat Warren on why her grandmother bought a shack on Cape Cod

Listen The 2008 Arrival of the Cicadas
Cousins Kevin Furlong and Matt Carmichael

Listen Elvis Costello
What deep-sea divers listen to

Listen Santa Claus
Chimney sweep Jeff Gonsalves of Harwich

Listen Wampanoag
Earl Mills on the Wampanoag language

Listen Scraped Knee
Dick Wheeler of Wareham

Listen Maynard Silva
A Vineyard guitarist and sign-painter

Listen Lunchbox Stories 1

Listen Lunchbox Stories 2

Listen Swamp
Richard Kerry of Nantucket demonstrates his specialty

Listen Bird Decoy Carver
Dick Nelson of Mashpee

Listen The Gift Book
A biologist's lament

Listen Lobsterman
Fisherman Bill Souza of Truro

Listen The Worst Thing About Nantucket
A teen's perspective

Listen You're Listening To...
Dick Wheeler of Wareham

Listen Mechanicky
A Brazilian on the Vineyard

Listen Toe-hee
Naturalist Dick Wheeler of Wareham

Listen Squid Fishing
Ronnie Baretta's birthday treat

Listen Where have the Cod Gone?
Dick Wheeler of Wareham

Listen Felicity the Llama
Maureen Collette of East Falmouth on her pet llama

Listen Great Auk
Naturalist Dick Wheeler of Wareham

Listen New York City and the Vineyard
Ian compares his hometown to Martha's Vineyard

Listen Racoons
Dick Wheeler of Wareham

Listen Lobster Boat
George Cadwallader goes lobstering

Listen All Hell Breaks Loose
Lobsterman Alex Brown of Provincetown

Listen The Pet Husband
Elaine Bowen on how to control one's spouse

Listen Out of Work
Lobsterman Alex Brown of Provincetown

Listen Erastus at the Circus
Nantucket's Ruth Chapel Grieder on Erastus Chapel

Listen Pounding Meatloaf
Jeanne Decker of Harwich

Listen Could I Have My Leg Back, Please?
Nantucket's Michael McCone on the perils of being handicapped

Listen Low Income Housing
Alice Lopez of the Mashpee Wamponoag tribe

Listen Bugs
Polly Hill of the Polly Hill Arboretum on those nasty creatures

Listen Singing Down Flus
Chimney sweep Jeff Gonsalves of Harwich

Listen The Old Mill
Built on Nantucket in 1847

Listen Buck
Buck the boat dog saves the day

Listen Bass Derby
Pulling scales, going down the back bone, over the ribs - cleaning fish

Listen Chowder
Making chowder from cohogs to soup

Listen Skunk
Alberta Costa on the taming of a skunk

Listen This Halloween
What Halloween would be, if Ben Bianchini had his way

Listen Next Halloween
Dreaming about next year's costume

Listen No Magic
When Halloween loses its magic for a 6th grader

Listen Indian Summer
A haiku reflecting Indian Summer

Listen Jackson Five
A different kind of litter at the MSPCA

Listen Nobska Fame
When your home is a destination

Listen Preteens
Stretching the truth... just a little

Listen Lullaby
A lullaby from Jason Baird of the Wampanoag-Aquinnah Tribe

Listen Chappy
A memory of Chappaquiddick when it was primitive

Listen Organist
The Good Rich Organ of Nantucket

Listen Nathaniel Philbrick
On the ever-changing and everlasting ocean

Listen Up to the Neck
Ruth Chapel Grieder on the hurricane of 1938

Listen Ms. Brazil
Riding the Menemsha bike ferry with Miss Brazil

Listen Marge on Mille
Ms. Mille and her store in Maddicott

Listen Spooky World
The things people do...

WGBH This project was funded by the National Endowment for the Arts and WGBH, Boston.

Atlantic Public Media helps create the "Sonic IDs," the core producing team for Sonic ID project is Jay Allison, Viki Merrick, Jim Sulzer, Helen Woodward, Chelsea Merz and the staff of the Cape & Islands NPR stations.

See what the broadcasting newspaper Current has to say about the Sonic ID project.

The Sonic ID project was awarded a regional Edward R. Murrow award for the best use of sound by the Radio Television News Directors Association.