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March 5: News Roundup
Various editors discuss the top news stories of the week.

March 4: Peace Corps
Peace Corps New England Regional Recruitment Manager Erin Mone-Marquez and Peace Corps Volunteers Connie Champlin and Sarah Manion talk about serving and opportunities for older Americans.

March 3: Voices from the Waterfront
Laura Orleans and Kirsten Bendiksen talk about Voices from the Waterfront: A Portrait of the New Bedford Fishing Industry. The book is based on oral histories collected over the past five years at the Working Waterfront Festival.

March 2: Bullying
State Senator Robert O'Leary and Dr. Elizabeth Englander, Psychology Professor at Bridgewater State College, Founder and Director of the Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center, discuss bullying.

March 1: Bird News
With increasing morning bird song Spring is just around the corner. Ornithologist Vernon Laux brings us the latest bird news.

February 26: News Roundup
Various editors discuss the top news stories of the week

February 25: Home Improvement
Bridget Cahill, kitchen and bathroom designer and contracting specialist, and Roe Osborn, home building specialist and architectural photographer, will discuss what to consider before tearing down an older home. They also discuss flooring.

February 24: HIV/AIDS research
Bruce Walker, M.D., Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Director of the Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard. Dr Bruce Walker is leading an international research effort into how some people who are HIV positive can fight the AIDS virus with their own immune systems.

February 23: Addiction
State Senator Steven Tolman, Chairman of the Massachusetts OxyContin and Heroin Commission, Raymond Tamasi, Gosnold CEO and President and Shelley Stormo, Gosnold Family Specialist, discuss addiction and intervention.

February 22: Patti Page
We sit down with American music icon Patti Page. The Grammy winner has sold more than 100 million records. She talks about her book This Is My Song: a Memoir.

February 19: News Roundup
Various editors discuss the top news stories of the week

February 18: Pet Talk
Steven Atwood, V.M.D. and Secretary of the State Board of Veterinary Medicine, talks about common pet health problems and answers listener questions about their pets.

February 17: Haiti Fish Farms
William Mebane, Superintendent Aquaculture Engineering Division, Marine Resources Center, Marine Biological Laboratory, is the guest. For the last eight years MBL researchers have been developing methods of raising aquacultured fish to combat malnutrition. We discuss the program and the impact of January's devastating earthquake.

February 16: Jerald Walker
Author Jerald Walker talks about his book Street Shadows: A Memoir of Race, Rebellion, and Redemption

February 15: Ocean Acidification
Scott Doney, Senior Scientist with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, discusses how changes in water chemistry and the threat to marine life.

February 12:  News Roundup
Various editors discuss the top news stories of the week.

February 11:  Greg Abate
Grammy-nominated jazz musician Greg Abate talks about how different musicians interpret music and its impact on their performances.

February 10: Literacy
Dorothy Bozza, Executive Director of the Cape Cod Literacy Council and Tom Phillips, Vice President of the Cape Cod Literacy Council Board of Directors and owner of Books by the Sea, discuss functional literacy. There are an estimated thirty thousand people on Cape Cod who are functionally illiterate.

February 9: Spencer Quinn
Author Spencer Quinn, aka Peter Abrahams, talks about his latest Bernie & Chet mystery Thereby Hangs A Tail.

February 8: Books
Jill Erickson, Reference Librarian at the Falmouth Public Library, and Melanie Lauwers, Books Editor at the Cape Cod Times, discuss books on black history.

February 5: News Roundup
Various editors discuss the top news stories of the week

February 4: Glen Scott Allen
Author Glen Scott Allen talks about his book Master Mechanics & Wicked Wizards: Images of the American Scientist as Hero and Villain from Colonial Times to the Present.

February 3: Ukelele
We discuss the popularity of the Ukulele with musicians Tim Sweeney, Molly Glazer and the members of the Nantucket Ukulele Band and the members of the band Tripping Lily, Demetrius Becrelis, Monica Rizzio, Laird Boles and Alex Becrelis.

February 2: Dwayne Raymond
Provincetown writer Dwayne Raymond talks about his book Mornings with Mailer.

February 1: Bird News
Ornithologist Vernon Laux has the latest bird news.

January 29: News Roundup
A review of the week's top regional and local news.

January 28: Robert Olmstead
Author Robert Olmstead discusses his book,Coal Black Horse.

January 27: Movies and psychology
What do movies get right about the human experience and what do they get wrong? We'll explore that question with Clinical Psychologist Michael Abruzzese as psychology goes to the movies.

January 26: Hospice
David W. Rehm, CEO & President, Hospice & Palliative Care of Cape Cod, Robert Tonti, CEO of Vineyard Nursing Association and Terre Young, Executive Director of Hospice of Martha’s Vineyard discuss hospice and palliative care from its history to a new collaboration that could serve as a model for the future.

January 25: Memoirs
Jill Erickson, Reference Librarian at the Falmouth Public Library and Melanie Lauwers, Books Editor at the Cape Cod Times discuss memoirs.

January 22: News Roundup
Various editors discuss the top news stories of the week.

January 21: Home Improvement Projects
Bridget Cahill, a bathroom design and contracting specialist, and Roe Osborn, home building specialist, discuss old houses. As we look to a number of renovation projects in our WCAI home no doubt there are some listeners with older homes who face similar renovations. We’ll discuss some of the problems and possible solutions and take questions about your projects

January 20: Jonathan Way
We sit down with coyote researcher Jonathan Way who says the eastern coyote is a hybrid of coyote and the red or eastern wolf. We discuss his research and book Suburban Howls.

January 19: David Kinney
Author David Kinney talks about his book The Big One: An Island, an Obsession, and the Furious Pursuit of a Great Fish. The book is a behind the scenes look at Martha’s Vineyard’s annual Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby.

January 18: Barbara Ann White
Author Barbara Ann White discusses her book A Line in the Sand: The Battle to Integrate Nantucket Public Schools, 1825-1847.

January 15: News Roundup
Various editors discuss the top news stories of the week

January 14: Provincetown’s Art History
Provincetown print-maker Bill Evaul talks about the history of art in Provincetown. He will discuss how the small town at the end of the Cape became the country’s first artist colony, and why artists of all stripes continue to come to the area to both study and practice. He’ll also touch upon his personal story and his experience developing a career on the outer Cape.

January 13: Robert Sabbag
Author Robert Sabbag discusses his book Down After Midnight. Sabbag was one of the passengers aboard a New England Air Flight that crashed in the woods of Cape Cod thirty years ago. He looks at the crash and the attempt to come to terms with the aftermath.

January 12: John Hough
Author John Hough talks about his book Seen the Glory: A novel of the battle of Gettysburg.
At the center of the bloody battle at Gettysburg was the 20th Massachusetts Regiment, some of them from Martha’s Vineyard. Hough uses the setting to place his main characters Luke and Thomas Chandler, brothers from Vineyard Haven.

January 11: Jerry Nelson
We visit with Truro resident Jerry Nelson.
Nelson built a career as one of the top puppeteers for Jim Henson’s Muppets, creating numerous characters including Sesame Street’s The Count. He will discuss his new album Truro Daydreams original songs that he’s written over the past few decades.

January 8: News Roundup
Various editors discuss the top news stories of the week.

January 7: Maureen Taylor

January 6: Tripping Lily
We sit down with the members of the Cape Cod quartet Tripping Lily. The Boston Globe called the band a genre unto itself. Demetrius Becrelis, Alex Becrelis, Monica Rizzio and Laird Boles talk about how the band came together, where they get their inspiration and where they are heading.

January 5: Bird News
Ornithologist Vernon Laux brings us up to date on the latest bird news.

January 4: Climate Change
Hugh Ducklow, MBL's Ecosystems Center Co-director and leader of the the Palmer Antarctica Long Term Ecological Research Project joins us from Palmer Station in Western Antarctica. Chris Neill, Associate Scientist from the Marine Biological Laboratory's Ecosystems Center joins us in studio to discuss ecological responses to Climate Change on the Antarctic Peninsula. The peninsula is warming faster than anywhere else on the planet.

January 1: Year in Review
One hour special from 9 to 10am as various editors discuss the top news stories of 2009.