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June 30: How the Brain works
Psychiatrist Marc Whaley discusses how the brain works. We will discuss the normal brain and what is happening in the brain of someone with brain injury or disease like Alzheimer's Disease.

June 29:  Robert Waxler
Robert Waxler discusses his book Courage to Walk. It is the story of his son Jeremy, a young lawyer, who has called to say he cannot move from his bed; he is paralyzed. Having already endured the loss of one son, the author and his wife Linda were not willing to suffer another tragic blow?and neither was Jeremy.

June 28: Summer Reading
It's our annual summer reading list with book experts Jill Erickson, Reference Librarian at Falmouth Public Library and Melanie Lauwers, Books Editor at the Cape Cod Times. They have been scouring the book shelves looking for the best books to read at the beach, by the pool or lounging in the hammock.
Book List at Falmouth Public Library
Book List at Cape Cod Times

June 25:  News Roundup
Various editors discuss the top news stories of the week

June 24: Daniel Okrent
Author Daniel Okrent talks about his book Last Call: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition. The book is a narrative history of Prohibition. It explains how Prohibition happened, what life under it was like, and what it did to the country.

June 23:  Seadogs
Lisa McCandless, Assistant Director of the Egan Maritime Institute talks about Sea Dogs and a two part exhibit that features Lifesaving dogs, United States Coast Guard dogs, Fishing dogs, and Lighthouse dogs. The exhibit also showcases Nantucketers dogs who have a love of the sea.

June 22:  Foreclosures
According to numbers released from the Warren Group lenders started fewer foreclosures statewide in May, but the number of foreclosure deeds -- which represent completed foreclosures surged. Nancy Davison, Vice President of Operations at the Housing Assistance Corporation and Carla Roy, Foreclosure Prevention Counselor discuss foreclosures and the challenge to help people get positive resolutions with their lenders.

June 21:  Louise Nayer
Author Louise Nayer discusses her book Burned: A Memoir. Vacationing on Cape Cod, four year old Louise woke to find her world shattered. Her parents went into the basement to light the pilot light and were engulfed in flames. The book chronicles the nightmare of the explosion, the nine months of separation and the final reconstruction not only of Louise's mother's face and her father's soul, but of the family itself.

June 18:  News Roundup
Various editors discuss the top news stories of the week.

June 17:  Candidate Energy Forum
Highlights of the Voting Energy 2010 forum where candidates for the Cape and Islands State Senate seat discuss energy issues.

June 16:  Nathaniel Philbrick
Author and Historian Nathaniel Philbrick talks about his new book The Last Stand: Custer, Sitting Bull, and the Battle of the Little Bighorn

June 15:  Gardening
Horticulturist and Entomologist Roberta Clark, Education Coordinator at Cape Cod Cooperative Extension talks about the spring garden. The past few rainy and chilly days make the perfect environment for plant diseases.

June 14:  Megan Taylor Shockley
Author Megan Taylor Shockley talks about her book The Captain's Widow Of Sandwich: Self- Invention and the Life of Hannah Rebecca Burgess, 1834-1917. The author examines how Burgess constructed her own legend and how the town of Sandwich embraced that history as its own.

June 11:  News Roundup
Various editors discuss the top news stories of the week.

June 10:  Sebastian Junger
Author and Journalist Sebastian Junger discusses his book War. Junger accompanied 30 men-a single platoon-from the storied 2nd battalion of the U.S. Army as they fought their way through a remote valley in eastern Afghanistan. War is a narrative about combat: the fear of dying, the trauma of killing and the love between platoon-mates who would rather perish than let each other down.

June 9:  Weddings
Sydell Rabin, author of Mother of the Groom: How to be Graceful, Helpful, and Happy During this Special Time, and Kristin Burgess, Wedding Etiquette expert and Web Editor at, talk about wedding etiquette, trends and the changing role of the mother of the groom.

June 8:  Otter Spotters
Judy Swain Garshelis talks about her book The Otter Spotters: A Wildlife Adventure in Alaska. The book chronicles the journey of Judy and her husband David who spent over a year in the wilderness of Prince William Sound studying sea otters.

June 7:  Bird News
Ornithologist Vernon Laux brings us up to date on the latest bird news

June 4:  News Roundup
Various editors discuss the top news stories of the week.

June 2:  Cape Cod Baseball League
Guest host Sean Corcoran talk to Vice President of the Cape Cod Baseball League Chuck Sturtevant about the upcoming season.

June 2:  Ann Hood
Author Ann Hood talks about her new novel The Red Thread. The ancient Chinese spoke of a mythical red thread that connected a child to all of the people who would eventually play a role in his or her life. Hood explores the unique bond between parent and child, and the red thread that binds their lives.

June 1:  Lisa Rudy
Lisa Rudy discusses her book Get Out, Explore, and Have Fun! How Families of Children with Autism or Asperger Syndrome Can Get the Most out of Community Activities.

May 31:  Veterans & Boating
Two parts to today's program. First, Senior Reporter Sean Corcoran visits with a group of local war veterans. Then a conversation with U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Commodore Carolyn Belmore and U.S. Coast Guard BMC Brian Guarino on boating safety.

May 28:  News Roundup
Various editors discuss the top news stories of the week

May 27:  Ken Russo
Provincetown resident Ken Russo shares his experience volunteering at an orphanage in Tanzania. The Baobab Home accepts children regardless of their HIV status. He will also discuss the connection between Baobab Home and Provincetown.

May 26:  Murphy brothers
T.M. Murphy author of the Belltown Mystery series has teamed up with brother Seton Murphy to write The Running Waves. It is a coming of age story an how the lives of two brothers are impacted by a tragic accident.

May 25:  David Fisichella
Author David Fisichella discusses his book Seven-Tenths: Love, Piracy and Science at SeaA mechanical engineer whose career and heart are adrift meets a blind oceanographer who spends her life at sea. Sailing the Arabian Sea as Amy?s eyes, David Fisichella watches her adapt to progressive vision loss while he finds his own bearings, confronts the mysteries of ocean currents, survives an armed pirate attack, and learns what it means to be working for, and dating, the Chief Scientist

May 24:  Frances Karttunen
Historian and Author Frances Karttunen discusses her latest book Nantucket Places and People 3: Out of Town

May 21:  News Roundup
Various editors discuss the top news stories of the week

May 20:  Allen Say
Author and illustrator Allen Say. When Say creates a book, he wants his pictures to tell the story. (repeat)

May 19:  Haiti Relief
After four months the focus on the devastating earthquake in Haiti is fading. Overextended health care workers are leaving the region, but there is still a desperate need for ongoing treatment. Therapists from the Rehabilitation Hospital of the Cape and Islands went to Haiti to help. Gordon Smith, Physical Therapist and Matthew Keilty, Occupational Therapist share their experiences.

May 18:  SPED Funding
James Major, Executive Director of Massachusetts Association of 766 Approved Private Schools (maaps) Maureen Brenner, Executive Director of the Riverview School and Anne McManus, Executive Director of the Latham Center School discuss funding cuts to Special Education. As we see the numbers of moderately to severely disabled students on the rise as well as increasing costs funding cuts raise concerns over meeting the need

May 17:  Books on Food
Our book experts Jill Erickson, Reference Librarian at Falmouth Public Library and Melanie Lauwers, Books Editor at the Cape Cod Times talk about books on food and the local food movement.

Book List at Falmouth Public Library

May 14: News Roundup
Various editors discuss the top stories of the week

As Theatre Workshop of Nantucket heads into its 54th season it will team up with the Breast Cancer Fund to host LUNAFEST Women's Film Festival. LUNA is a national film festival that features short films by, for and about women. Gabrielle Gould, Theatre Workshop of Nantucket Managing Director, and Dr. Mimi Koehm talk about the film festival and breast cancer.

May 12: Earthquakes
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Senior Scientist Jian Lin discusses his research on earthquakes both on land and under the oceans. He explores the mystery of deep-sea volcanic, tectonic and hydrothermal processes.

May 11: Gardening
Horticulturist and Entomologist Roberta Clark, Education Coordinator at Cape Cod Cooperative Extension, talks about the spring garden and answers listeners questions.

May 10: Cape Wind
Senior Reporter Sean Corcoran gives us a retrospective on the project that for the last decade has been perhaps the most controversial renewable energy debate in the country.

May 7: News Roundup
Various editors discuss the top news stories of the week

May 6: Whaling - Ric Burns
Documentary filmmaker Ric Burns discusses Into the Deep: America, Whaling, & the World, which will premiere on the PBS series American Experience on Monday, May 10th. The film tells the story of three centuries of American whaling, and the unique relationship between American whalers and the giant creatures they hunted.

May 5: Astronomy
Dr. Vladimir Strelnitski, Director of Astronomy at the Maria Mitchell Association and Professor Alan Hirshfeld, Director of the UMass Dartmouth Observatory, discuss the night sky.

May 4: Lynne Cherry
Children's Author and Illustrator Lynne Cherry talks about the National Geographic book Written in Water: Messages of Hope for Earth's Most Precious Resource. The book is a collection of essays from a broad range of people and their experiences with water.

May 3: 
Christina Laurie talks about her book Seasons Rising: A Collection of Haiku, and Elizabeth Bradfield talks about her poetry and the monthly publication she founded Broadsided.

April 30:  News Roundup
Various editors discuss the top news stories of the day.

April 29:  Cape Wind
U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar comes to Boston to announce his decision on the Cape Wind project. We discuss the decision and what comes next.

April 28:  Wastewater Management
Andrew Gottlieb, Director of Cape Cod Water Protection Collaborative and Paul Niedzwiecki, Director of the Cape Cod Commission, discuss wastewater management plans and a new study that looks at costs.

April 27:  Red Tide
Don Anderson, Senior Scientist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution discusses his research into red tide. We also talk about how shellfish are monitored and the potential for a major red tide outbreak in our region.

April 26:  Organ Donation
We discuss organ donation with Sean Fitzpatrick, Director of Public Relations for the New England Organ Bank and Hilary Greene who donated a lung lobe six years ago.

April 23:  New Roundup
Various editors discuss the top news stories of the week.

April 22:  Unique School Programs
We visit East Falmouth Elementary School which is the only place on earth you can play PlinkoBall a math meets gym game that is getting national attention. We also visit Mashpee High School Senior Seminar program a year long in depth exploration of a topic of their choosing.
Link to Cape Cod Times Cape Cast and video of PlinkoBall
video link

April 21:  Unique School Programs
We visit Chatham Middle School and learn more about their Project Citizen program which encourages involvement in the community. We also visit with students from the Chilmark School who team up with seniors in an intergenerational program that includes a photography project that chronicles their friendship through the eyes of both generations.

April 20:  Unique School Programs
We visit Cape Cod Regional Technical High School and the renewable energy program and Nauset High Schools World Music Ensemble where student create original compositions with an international flavor.

April 19:  Unique School Programs
The first in a special series of programs on unique opportunities for public school children across our region. We visit Barnstable High Schools Drama Club and explore opportunities for younger students. The same program that featured American Idol's Siobhan Magnus in 36 school productions starting when she was in the third grade. We also visit Gallery X in New Bedford for High School Select, the annual juried selection of local high school art talent.

April 16: News Roundup
A look at the top news stories of the week.

April 15:  Casinos
Sean Corcoran, WCAI Senior Reporter discusses the series Last Resort on the casino debate. Also joining the discussion Scott Lang, Mayor of New Bedford, Wendy Northcross, CEO Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce and Clyde Barrow, Director Center for Policy Analysis at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

April 14: International Whaling
Fred O'Regan, Executive Director of the International Fund for Animal Welfare discusses the upcoming International Whaling Commission meeting and efforts to overturn the global ban on commercial whaling.

April 13:  Gardening
Horticulturist and Entomologist Roberta Clark, Education Coordinator at Cape Cod Cooperative Extension discusses the spring garden. We'll find out how the unusually wet March and warm start to April are impacting area gardens.

April 12:  Books
Our book experts Jill Erickson, Reference Librarian at Falmouth Public Library and Melanie Lauwers, Books Editor at the Cape Cod Times focus on Earth Day with green books.

April 9: News Roundup
A look at the top news stories of the week.

April 8:  Ancient Civilizations
WHOI Marine Archaeologist Brendan Foley talks about his study of ancient civilizations. His research focuses on ancient shipping casks. Using DNA techniques to determine what those casks contained goes a long way to reconstructing the agriculture, technologies, economies, art and geopolitics of past civilizations.

April 7:  MSPCA
Heather Donnelly, Events Coordinator for the Centerville MSPCA and Brian Adams, Senior Manager of Media and Community Relations with the MSCPA talk about trends in animal surrenders and the impact the economic downturn has had on pets and larger animals like horses.

April 6:  Autism
Author Susan Senator talks about her new book The Autism Mom's Survival Guide: Creating a Balanced and Happy Life While Raising a Child with Autism.

April 5:  Bird News
Spring is in full swing. Osprey are arriving, Woodcocks are displaying and Piping Plovers have been spotted on outer Cape beaches. Ornithologist Vernon Laux brings us the latest on a busy spring and talks about the impact the recent storm has had on the bird world and answers listeners bird questions.

April 2:  News Roundup
A look at the week's top news.

April 1:  Outdoor Rooms
Bridget Cahill, Kitchen and Bathroom Designer and Contracting Specialist, and Roe Osborn, Home Building Specialist and Architectural Photographer will discuss outdoor rooms.

March 31:  Mental Health
Clinical Psychologist Michael Abruzzese and Psychiatrist Marc Whaley talk about mental health services including misconceptions, stigma and access.

March 30:  Aife Murray
Author Aife Murray talks about her book Maid as Muse: How Servants changed Emily Dickinson's Life and Language.

March 29: Elvis
Robert Wyatt, Director of Music at Highfield Hall, Steinway Artist, Smithsonian Institution Lecturer and Specialist in American Music, talks about the life and music of Elvis Presley.

March 26: News Roundup
Various editors discuss the top news stories of the week.

March 25: Driving Safety
Pediatrician Greg Parkinson, Chairman of the Cape & Islands End Driving Deaths Among Youth and Mary Maguire Director of Public and Legislative Affairs for AAA of Southern New England discuss driving dangers and legislation to ban texting while driving.

March 24:  Dolphin Strandings
We discuss the recent Cape Cod dolphin stranding. Cape Cod has been a hot spot for marine mammal strandings for hundreds and perhaps thousands of years. Katie Moore, IFAW Marine Mammal Rescue and Research Program Manager, discusses rescue efforts.
Cape Stranding Network Hotline 508-743-9548
Strandings on Nantucket 508-228-1212

March 23: Gardening
We kick off the garden season with Horticulturist and Entomologist Roberta Clark who is the Education Coordinator at Cape Cod Cooperative Extension.

March 22: Columbia Expedition
Cape Cod filmmakers Andrew Buckley, Matt Griffin and Jay Sheehan talk about their short documentary film series Hit and Run History: The Columbia Expedition. The Columbia was the first American ship to circle the globe leaving Boston in 1787. The filmmakers follow the expedition to historic sights as they are today.

March 19:  News Roundup
Various editors discuss the top news stories of the week.

March 18: Robert Dane
We visit the studio of renowned glass blower Robert Dane.

Audio Slideshow of Robert Dane's Studio
watch the videoTour Dane's studio...
produced by Brian Morris

March 17: Everything Ireland
Jill Erickson, Reference Librarian at the Falmouth Public Library and Melanie Lauwers, Books Editor at the Cape Cod Times talk about books relating to Ireland and the Irish.
Book List at Falmouth Public Library
Book List at Cape Cod Times

March 16: Libraries
Leslie Morrissey, Director of Falmouth Public Library, and Les Peat, President of the Yarmouth Library Association, talk about challenges facing libraries. At a time when area libraries are seeing more demand they are seeing budget cuts. We discuss the impact of budget constraints and thoughts on the future of these public institutions.

March 15: Paul Kirk
Senator Paul Kirk talks about his experience in Washington D.C. as interim Senator representing Massachusetts following the death of Senator Edward Kennedy.

March 12: News Roundup
A discussion of the week's top news stories.

March 11: Suicide Prevention
Tim Lineaweaver, Chairman Cape and Islands Suicide Prevention Coalition and Maura Wilson, Executive Director of Samaritans on Cape Cod and the Islands, discuss suicide awareness and prevention.

March 10: New England Flower Show
For 137 years Boston hosted the New England Spring Flower show. This will be the second year the show will not be held in its traditional format. In its place the Boston Flower & Garden Show. Paul Miskovsky, Award winning Landscape Designer, and Massachusetts Horticultural Society Trustee talks about the change and what to expect at this years event.

March 9:  Pharmaceutical Disposal
Mike McGuire, Barnstable County Extension Service Educator for the Hazardous Materials Program and Korinda Walls, AmeriCorps Volunteer will discuss safe disposal for unwanted pharmaceuticals. Recent studies find some ponds and other groundwater contaminated by a variety of pollutants including prescription drugs.

March 8: Canyon Sam
Author Canyon Sam discusses her book Sky Train: Tibetan Women on the Edge of History. The author gives us a glimpse into Tibet's past through the lives of four women: a visionary educator; a freedom fighter; a gulag survivor; and a child bride.

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