Studying Libraries

By Sean Corcoran

Our original 3-part series about local libraries - how they are expanding their offerings, particularly during this difficult economic time, as well as some of the challenges libraries face as they continue to meet patrons' needs.  We examine e-books and e-readers, highlighting the ongoing battle between libraries and book publishers, many of which are creating obstacles to prevent libraries from loaning out books in digital formats.

Part 1: Doing More with Less  (sound + transcript + photos)

With the economy still in recovery, libraries find themselves doing more with less. Among the challenges they face: reduced budgets, and the technology-driven needs of a growing number of patrons.

Part 2: The Battle Over E-books  (sound + transcript + photos)

Librarians are reporting dramatic increases in the numbers of people looking to borrow electronic books. It's not uncommon for a public library to report numbers doubling year-over-year in e-book usage. While libraries are trying to keep up with demand, some publishing houses are rethinking whether they want libraries loaning out e-books at all. 

Part 3: The Village Library  (sound + transcript + photos)


While most communities or counties in the United States have a library, Cape Cod has something of a unique structure, with small villages hosting their own libraries, not just the town center. As WCAI's Sean Corcoran reports, from small to large, the Cape and Island libraries often reflect the feelings and values of the geographic area where they exist.


The Takeaway

Listen to Sean Corcoran, senior reporter for WCAI, and Jill Erickson, librarian at the Falmouth Public Library, discuss "The Battle Over E-books" on The Takeaway, with John Hockenberry.