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The Falmouth Experience:
The Trouble with One Town's Wind Turbine

Reported by Sean Corcoran

March, 2011

The effort to install land-based wind turbines on Cape Cod has become entangled in controversy after reports from neighbors in Falmouth that a turbine is making them sick.

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The Anatomy of Allure
Reported by Steve Junker

June 10, 2011
Dr. George Christman creates handmade plugs -- fishing lures -- using insights gleaned from his collection of rare and vintage lures, some of which he has x-rayed.  Reported by Steve Junker.


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One Species at a Time: Sea Slugs
Reported by Ari Daniel Shapiro



Elysia chlorotica


Come one, come all! See the amazing, the astonishing, half-animal, half-plant! Journey to Tampa Bay, Florida, where scientist Skip Pierce and one of his students first made a remarkable discovery twenty years ago. Meet Elysia chlorotica, a bright green, solar-powered, algae-slurping sea slug that’s still turning our understanding of the classification of life upside down.

Photo Credit: Patrick Krug, Cataloging Diversity in the Sacoglossa LifeDesk

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Facing Alzheimer's:
The Caregivers' Challenge
Reported by Sean Corcoran

June, 2011
Our five-part original reporting series examines Alzheimer's disease and the people who care for those with the disease.

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Remembering 9/11
Reported by Sean Corcoran

September, 2011
On September 11, 2001, an F-15 Eagle from Otis Air National Guard Base was the first military plane to arrive at the Twin Towers and patrol the skies. As part of our special coverage of the anniversary, reporter Sean Corcoran features a rare interview with Col. Timothy Duffy, the pilot who arrived in New York City just minutes after the second plane hit.

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Power Struggle:
The Future of Pilgrim Power Plant
Reported by Sean Corcoran

November, 2011
With the end of its 40-year license approaching in 2012, the owners of Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Plymouth have applied for a 20-year extension. But opponents of the plant, including some local and state politicians, question the reactor's safety, especially after three sister reactors in Japan experienced explosions and likely meltdowns this past year.

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Robert FinchA Cape Cod Notebook
by Robert Finch

Robert Finch is a nature writer living in Wellfleet.
'A Cape Cod Notebook' won the 2006 New England Edward R. Murrow Award for Best Radio Writing. His essays can be heard on WCAI every Tuesday at 8:30AM and every Wednesday at 5:45pm.

Rowena Myers


Ice on Cape Cod Bay


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The Locale Food Report
with Elspeth Hay

An avid locavore, Elspeth lives in Wellfleet and writes a blog about food. Elspeth is constantly exploring the Cape, Islands, and South Coast and all our farmer's markets to find out what's good, what's growing and what to do with it. The program airs Thursdays at 7:30 on Morning Edition and 4:30pm on All Things Considered, as well as Saturday mornings at 9:30.

Egg Nog


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Ken Burns and Jacqueline Schwab
Jacqueline Schwab

Reported by Brian Morris

June 24, 2011
A profile of Chatham pianist Jacqueline Schwab, best known for her work with Ken Burns on his epic public television series “The Civil War.”


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The Moth Radio HourThe Moth Radio Hour

The Moth Radio Hour features true stories told live on stage without scripts, notes, props, or accompaniment. Each Moth Radio Hour mixes humorous, heartbreaking, and poignant tales that captivate, surprise, and delight audiences with their honesty and bravery. Moth storytellers stand alone, under a spotlight, with only a microphone and a roomful of strangers. The storyteller and the audience embark on a high-wire act of shared experience, which is both terrifying and exhilarating.

Brought to you by PRX and producer Jay Allison, the Peabody Award-winning series is produced by Atlantic Public Media at our studios in Woods Hole.

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Veronica’s Backyard
Transom Story Workshop

by Joel Supple

This piece by Joel Supple is from the Transom Story Workshop. For seven weeks, students from all over the US (plus Canada and Australia) came to Woods Hole to immerse themselves in radio. They were beginners when they arrived, some with no experience at all, but they all left with completed radio pieces good enough for broadcast on our station and nationally.

"I wasn’t really sure what the story was going to be about, but Veronica was all personality, and a great character". Read more & listen to "Veronica's Backyard".