2011 Auction Winners

Thanks to everyone who made the savvy investment to Own a Piece of WCAI in our “Own a Piece” auction to fund renovations to our studio home. A placard (ok, a fancy piece of paper) is affixed to each object that was auctioned off stating the winner’s name. They have sole bragging rights for a year or until we do the auction again.

Feeling a little jealous? Maybe next year you can Own a Piece, too.

The Equipment Closet

Scott Wayne
  The Wall Art

Ray Gilligan

Margaret Hogan
  The Column on the Second Floor

Ray Gilligan
The Traffic System

Margaret Hogan
  The AP Wire

Ray Gilligan
Mindy's Mic

Nathan & Susan Williams
  View from the Upstairs Bathroom

Allison White
The Communal

Water Dish
Tom Fox
  The Fire Extinguisher

Stephen J Gallas
The On-Air Light

Julia Westwater
  The Outdoor Sign

Christine Waters
Water Cooler

Blue Cullen
  The T-1 Lines

Tom Fox
Naomi's Hair

Margaret Hogan
  Life-sized Cut Out of Elvis

Denise Ann Terry