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Amy Lowell, granddaughter of Ralph Lowell, visits the Antiques Roadshow with some of her grandfather's items.

About the Ralph Lowell Society

Friend • $1,500
Fellow • $2,500
Sponsor • $5,000
Benefactor • $10,000
President's Circle • $25,000
Chairman's Circle • $50,000

Ralph Lowell Society Events

Throughout the year, you can enjoy opportunities to look at the programs that your significant annual support makes possible, and experience them with people who share your passion. Learn more about RLS events >

(Pictured: WGBH Trustee Lynn Bay Dayton and her husband Bruce Dayton (center), with American Experience executive producer Mark Samels, at the Freedom Riders film preview and cocktail party for RLS Benefactors and friends.)

About the RLS

Ralph LowellNamed after the founder of WGBH (a philanthropist who championed public broadcasting’s educational potential), the Ralph Lowell Society was established in 1987 with just 400 members.

Today, the Society is more than 1,000 strong. Ralph Lowell Society supporters share the distinction of being WGBH’s most generous annual contributors, leading the way in helping sustain WGBH as a public media resource available free to all.

Sharing the Vision

Sharing the VisionCreated especially for WGBH's closest friends, Sharing the Vision features stories about our leading supporters — why they give and the powerful impact of their philanthropy. See the latest issue >

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