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Join Brian O'Donovan, host of A Celtic Sojourn, in the Celtic Club and you'll get more music.

Celtic Club members enjoy premium content:

  • Online streams in pristine, CD quality sound.
    Listen to 128K high-quality episodes of each week's A Celtic Sojourn and get unlimited access to our 24-hour stream. We've doubled the sound quality for members!
  • Access to our entire A Celtic Sojourn library online
    We've been recording episodes of A Celtic Sojourn and live in-studio performances for more than five years. Some recordings have been available in the past, many have not. Now it is time to let you into the vault!
  • Plus, events and insider info
    Two complimentary tickets to each live Celtic Session, ticket discounts, insider music tips, and coming soon: a pub night with Brian O'Donovan.

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