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The WGBH Independent Journalism Fund provides a stable source of capital to support the research and development of in-depth investigative documentaries, public affairs programming, and the impartial and uncompromising reporting that is critical to fostering an informed citizenry and a vibrant democracy.  With fewer reporters and shrinking budgets, most American news outlets simply no longer have the resources available to assign a team of reporters to pursue in-depth investigations that may take months, or even years, to complete. WGBH is committed to providing journalists with the time and resources required to delve deeply into complex subjects and develop the stories that enliven and enrich public dialogue, spark national conversations on important issues, and spur change and reform across a wide variety of topics and issues.


"In the face of all the competition for attention in today's media environment, there has to be a place that says, 'We can take on difficult, tough subjects and do them intelligently and thoughtfully.' If we give up on the idea of doing these films–—of sending smart people out to pursue important ideas at some length and with some degree of complexity–—then we give up on the idea of this medium being the best of what it can be. We give up on the audience; we give up on the promise of television that matters."

-David Fanning, executive producer, Frontline



To learn more about the Independent Journalism Fund please contact

Ellen Frank, director of Major Gifts, at ellen_frank@wgbh.org or 617-300-3809.