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88 keys, each with its own hammer and string assembly, contained within a massive wooden case and attached to a giant cast iron plate. It sounds so ... industrial. And indeed, the act of creating a piano is pure, hard work.

But the act of playing the piano results in some of the most miraculous sounds human beings are capable of.

And the act of hearing the piano opens up vast expanses of emotional space and variety. 

On Benchmarks, Classical New England's Cathy Fuller is your guide to extraordinary performances that harness the power and intimacy only available through this monument to human ingenuity, transporting you to previously unexplored terrain. With performances from Classical New England's Fraser Performance Studio and concert halls around the world, Benchmarks brings you the music - and words - of some of today's great artists of the piano.

Teaching, Playing and Transforming Chopin

Teaching, Playing and Transforming Chopin


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