Your Vote 2012: NH Primary

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The World's live production, Your Vote 2012: New Hampshire Primary, will combine hyper-local coverage from the award-winning New Hampshire station, WMUR-TV, with big-picture insights and analysis from reporters in WGBH studios as well as bloggers and opinion leaders from around the country via Skype.

Airing live 8-10pm  on Tuesday, Jan. 10, Your Vote 2012 will be anchored by Phillip Martin, senior reporter for WGBH Radio, and will feature campaign-trail analysis from Anna Sales of The Takeaway, among many other new voices. Your Vote 2012 will guide viewers and users through the nation’s first primary vote on the road to the White House and will look ahead to upcoming contests in South Carolina, Nevada, and Florida.

New Hampshire Primary: A PBS NewsHour Special Report
Tuesday, Jan. 10, 11pm, WGBH 44
NewsHour political experts analyze the results from New Hampshire and discuss the implications for the GOP presidential field.

Stay with WGBH News to get the context, analysis, statistics, and stories behind the big races in Massachusetts and nationwide.

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