Where Have All the Villains Gone?; Captain Tangent Returns


4/19/14 4:00 PM
'GBH Kids
4/20/14 10:30 AM
'GBH Kids
4/20/14 4:00 PM
'GBH Kids
4/21/14 7:30 AM
'GBH Kids
Have You Seen the Remote?; Sidekicked to the Curb Dr. Three-Brains; Bongo Rock Dr. Three-Brains; Bongo Rock Invasion of the Bunny Lovers

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Ms. Question devises a devious plan to get rid of WordGirl: eliminate all of the city's villains so WordGirl is no longer needed. Elsewhere, Scoops joins Capt. Tangent's pirate crew in order to write a newspaper article about them.

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