The Two Brains Boogie; Field Day Fund With Robo-Tobey


9/1/14 1:30 PM
'GBH Kids
9/2/14 7:30 AM
'GBH Kids
9/2/14 1:30 PM
'GBH Kids
9/3/14 7:30 AM
'GBH Kids
Who's Your Granny?; Win a Day With WordGirl Bummertime; The Homerun King El Queso Misterioso; Putt With Honor First One to Win Wins; A Little Bigger WordGirl

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Becky's excitement about the school's field-day competition turns to suspicion after Tobey wins the potato-sack race and the flexed-arm hang. WordGirl's plans to enter a "Boogie Oogie Oogie" dance contest are endangered.

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