Mouse-zilla; Villain School


9/16/14 1:30 PM
'GBH Kids
9/17/14 7:30 AM
'GBH Kids
9/17/14 1:30 PM
'GBH Kids
9/18/14 7:30 AM
'GBH Kids
Victoria Best; Showdown at the Secret Spaceship Hideout Bampy Battles Bots; Truth, Revision, and the Lexicon Way Captain Tangent; Chuck and Brent Ride Again Meat-Life Crisis; Mobot Knows Best

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Team Botsford competes against Team Heaslip in the citywide scavenger hunt while Dr. Two-Brains and Tobey create a mouse robot to steal all of the city's cheese. Then, the Coach opens a school for villains.

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