The Amish: American Experience

Premieres Tuesday, Feb. 28, at 8pm on WGBH 2.
An intimate portrait of contemporary Amish faith and life, this film examines how such a closed and communal culture has thrived within one of the most open, individualistic societies on earth. What does the future hold for a community whose existence is so rooted in the past? And what does our fascination with the Amish say about deep American values?


Top Ten FAQ
American Experience asked internationally renowned scholar Donald B. Kraybill to answer our top ten questions about the Amish.

Rules of a Godly Life

These proverbs are intended to guide the Amish on how to center their daily life on God through their everyday thoughts, words, and deeds.

Photo Gallery: The Amish and Photography
Most Amish today will not pose for a photograph. Considering it a violation of the Second Commandment, the Amish believe any physical representation of themselves promotes individualism and vanity, taking away from the values of community and humility by which they govern their lives.

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