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One Guest: Victor Coelho, musicologist

Musicologist Victor Coelho talks about, and demonstrates on his lute, the similarities between Renaissance and pop music. Host: Meg Smallidge

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One Guest is WGBH's first Web-only interview series. Hosted by WGBH employees, One Guest features people from all walks of life. The questions and answers are offbeat, interesting, and leave you wanting more — and new webisodes are posted every week.

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One Guest hosts

Carrie English
Carrie is the production assistant for the WGBH TV programs Maria Hinojosa: One-on-One and Basic Black. A lifelong fan of WGBH (especially Masterpiece Mystery! and A Prairie Home Companion), she has been working at WGBH since 2004. Her interests include, in no particular order, World War II resistance movements, Harry Potter, American politics, and shoes.

Amanda Goodwin
A lifelong New Englander, Amanda loves that Boston is her hometown — even though she lives 24 miles outside the city. When she's not commuting, Amanda spends time producing fundraising materials for WGBH Radio, writing short stories, renovating an old bungalow, and watching Lost and Six Feet Under.

Alex Hadshi
A recent graduate of Boston College, Alex served as an intern at WGBH's La Plaza. He has acted in dozens of shows over the years, playing everything from a creepy villain to a bumbling fool. In his spare time, he enjoys languages, Belgian chocolate, and learning about the Middle East.

Edgar B. Herwick III
Hailing from the booming metropolis of Frackville, Pa., Edgar now calls East Boston home. By day, he is a mild-mannered marketing coordinator for WGBH Radio. By night, he has performed on stages large and (mostly) small in Philadelphia, New York, Denver, and Chicago. Other accomplishments include amassing a collection of more than 50 neckties and placing a distant third on an episode of Jeopardy!

Kim Perez-Gern
Kim has been at WGBH for 15 years, working behind the camera as a promo producer. But she enjoys every opportunity to be in front of the camera, hosting the WGBH Auction, Cinema Sunday, singing in the WGBH band, and interviewing people for One Guest.

Josh Poole
Since graduating from Vassar College, Josh has worked as an editor and writer. In 2007, he was featured in the pilot I'm Sorry, Melissa, which screened at the New York TV Festival, and he recently shot a travel show pilot in Thailand. He is a graduate student at the Boston University College of Communications.

Gita Pullapilly
Gita is an independent film producer in Boston. As a WGBH Lab filmmaker in residence, she completed on a feature-length documentary, The Way We Get By, which has been broadcast on POV. In her spare time, Gita provides media training to nonprofit organizations across the country and enjoys watching movies with her fiancé and cat.

Melissa Roja
A steady childhood diet of educational programs led Melissa from Northern California to WGBH, where she now works as an associate producer for Between the Lions. When she's not chasing puppets around a soundstage or doing interviews for One Guest, Melissa enjoys watching the Red Sox with her husband, playing any sport that includes a ball, and obsessing about her dog.

Megan Smallidge
Meg is an associate editor for WGBH's Educational Outreach Department. When not working on activities to improve children's literacy (aided by a talking dog named Martha), she can be found playing the guitar and performing original songs at open mics, eating chocolate chip pancakes, and enjoying the New England outdoors.

Vanessa Wiegel
Vanessa designs and programs the WGBH digital mural. Prior to joining the Design Department in 2008, she worked in commercial film and television production. A filmmaker and traveler, Vanessa enjoys exploring history, culture, and music as well as capturing life's many unscripted moments.


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