Growing a Greener World

Growing a Greener World is an award-winning TV show that features organic gardening, green living and farm-to-table cooking. Each episode focuses on compelling and inspirational people making a positive impact on the planet through gardening and shares DIY information that we can all use at home. This gardening series covers everything from edible gardening, urban homesteading and hobby farming to seasonal cooking, canning and preserving the harvest.

COMING UP: Permaculture (Raleigh, NC & Americus, GA)

alt title The word “permaculture” refers to a set of values and principles that utilize ecological designs and self-maintained natural systems. Thepoint is to give back – to our gardens, to the earth – in an attempt to balance out the destructive impact our own existence has on the immediate environment. The replenishment rhythms and systems in nature are used a guide in creating meaningful solutions for dailyliving.

While permaculture can be an approach to anything, it is typically based in agriculture and ecology, incorporating organic farm practices, agro forestry, integrated farming and natural building solutions. The core philosophies are cyclical: Care of the Earth, Care of People and the idea of Fair Share – taking only what you need.

Sundays at 11am on WGBH Create


3/8/15 11:00 AM
WGBH Create
Independent Garden Centers: Atlanta, GA