Globe Trekker Special: Globe Shopper 2


9/18/14 12:00 AM
'GBH Kids
9/20/14 6:00 PM
9/22/14 1:00 AM
'GBH Kids
9/22/14 10:00 PM
'GBH Kids
Indonesia: Java & Sumatra Globe Trekker Special: World War II in Europe Midwest U.S.A. Midwest U.S.A.

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This Globe Trekker special picks up where its shop-happy predecessor left off — in hot pursuit of the latest and rarest, the cheapest and most expensive gifts a budding traveller can possibly trawl home. The seasoned shoppers hunt down classic furniture in Hong Kong, the antique emporium of the world; revisit tribal handicrafts with the Makonde tribes of Mozambique; fawn over carpets stretching from the Middle East to the Ottoman empire that begat them more than 2,000 years ago; squeeze into bikinis on Rio’s sandy beaches; and slip into Victorian-inspired Lolita street fashions worn by the Japanese youth of today.

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