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NPR Host Turns His Tweets Into a Loving Memoir

Scott Simon recalls his mother's last days and the special bond they shared 

10 Tips for Working for a Younger Boss

The Love Your Job author on how to do this effectively and happily.

The FDA Takes a New Look at Homeopathic Drugs

Should products like Cold-Eeze and Zicam be regulated like other drugs?

The Best Workout DVDs for Boomers

These popular titles can help with flexibility, strength, bone health and pain relief.

How to Get In On The Sharing Economy

DogVacay, Schlep, and others offer a hand plus a way to make money.

Over 50 and Getting a Lift Driving for Lyft

Why rideshare services are attracting older drivers.

Improving Paid Caregivers’ Work Lives

We need them, so we must figure out how to compensate them.

5 Must-Have Apps for Your Phone and Tablet

Health, knowledge, money, and fun — all at your fingertips.

What Not to Say to Your Friends

In instances like these, we generally need to keep our mouths shut.

Why You Must Stand Out at Work and How to Do It

Author Dorie Clark says keeping your head down is a big mistake.

Digital Detox: 8 Places to Unplug and Unwind

Seeking a getaway from electronics? Check out these vacation spots.

Tips for Choosing a Day Center for Your Parent

Some offer socializing, others dementia care, so here's a shopper's guide.

The New Economics of Weddings

It’s not your mamma’s nuptials: who pays for what has changed.

America Is Unready for the Era of the Aging Worker

The author of 'Unfinished Work' on his reporting and advice

The 5 Steps to Make a Retirement Announcement

Smart advice from the author's brother, who just did it.

7 Ways to Avoid Job Search Burnout

Tips from a recruiter to keep you at your best in interviews.

How to Create a Credit Card Debt Escape Plan

If you've got a plastic problem, here are three possible ways to attack it.

The End of Employer-Provided Health Insurance

The co-author of a new book says that day is near and it's a good thing.

This Empty Nester Couple Loves Being GypsyNesters

They sold their home and everything in it and haven't looked back

What Women Must Do to Ditch Bag Lady Syndrome

Tips from a financial adviser with a new book on the subject.

A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to a Bucket List

After years of sitting and writing humor, this man went the stand-up route.

Six Extraordinary Picture Books

Read these special stories about kids and their grandparents.

7 Mantras to Live By — What Are Yours?

What one baby boomer has found encouraging, wise, and helpful along the way.

The Facebook Tool for Your Digital Estate Plan

You may want to sign up for the social network's Legacy Contact feature.

6 Tips for Developing and Landing a TED Talk

Here's how to be noticed in the popular forum.

Why We Need to Get Rid of Senior Centers

Thankfully, there's a movement to make the relics multigenerational.

Nurture Your Most Valuable Asset: Your Reputation

Smart tips for your career and money in The Reputation Economy.

The Cure for Working-at-Home Loneliness

Co-working spaces offer community, collaboration and coffee

Why Miley Cyrus Needs to Watch Downton Abbey

Season 5 clearly showed that love and passion don’t stop at age 40.

6 Exciting Ideas from South by Southwest

The festival offered a glimpse into tech and trends that may change your life.

How to Lose 1,000 Square Feet — and Keep It Off

This writer found joy downsizing to a small apartment and offers five tips.

The Dollars and Sense of Buying a Vacation Home

Be sure you know about these hidden costs before purchasing.

Saunas Could Make You Live Longer

A new study suggests more frequent use can be good for your heart.

What Is the Price of Long Life?

A panel of experts met to debate whether we should aim for longevity.

Cholesterol: No Longer a Nutritional Bad Guy?

A key panel publishes recommendations for 2015 dietary guidelines

7 Drugs That Are Toxic for Your Brain

These widely used medications can be especially harmful for older adults.

Don't Miss These Tax Breaks on Your 2014 Return

The often overlooked deductions and credits can save you a bundle.

Easy Ways to Look Better in a Job Interview

Practical grooming and wardrobe tweaks for female and male job applicants.

6 Ways You Can Help a Friend Who is Sick

Suggestions that let you be present and make a difference.

How This Half-Sister Became Whole

She always felt different from her siblings, until receiving an amazing gift.

Why Are You Tired All The Time?

The source of pervasive exhaustion and what to do about it

Overcome 3 Obstacles to Start a Business After 50

Advice to get over your fears and get going on your launch.

Fiftysomething Diet: Should You Go Gluten-Free?

Before you hop on the bandwagon, separate fact from fiction.

5 Reasons People Over 50 Should Love the Big iPhone

Yes, it feels like holding a Pop-Tart to your ear, but ease wins out.

Fiftysomething Diet: 6 Steps to a Healthier Fall Soup

Our foolproof formula lets you cook and serve it in 30 minutes.

Here's How Much Caregivers Pay Out-of-Pocket

A survey finds helping a family member can derail your retirement.

Back on the Market: Difficulties of Midlife Dating

One man's epiphany about looking for love in your 50s.

Think Twice Before You Text That Message

A hand surgeon explains the dangers, especially for boomers.

The 10 Best Tropical Islands for Retirees

Why these gems, spanning from the Caribbean to Micronesia, are so enticing.

How to Phase Into Retirement at Your Job

Why more firms offer phased retirement and how to swing it where you work.

What Your Investment Portfolio Is Likely Lacking

A study finds people 50+ are light on foreign stocks. Should you bulk up?

6 Beliefs that Sabotage Your Health

Think that health advice applies to everyone but you? Time to reconsider.

The Next Housing Crisis: Aging Americans' Homes

A new study says they're too costly, inaccessible, and in the wrong places.

5 Pitfalls of Starting a Business in Retirement

Make sure you don't fall into these traps before you launch.

The True Power of Oldness

How this moving video is bringing positivity to aging.

TED Talk: How to Live Passionately at Any Age

Author Isabel Allende on loving life ... and Antonio Banderas.

Joan Rivers' Death: Facts About Vocal Cord Surgery

Older people often have vocal disorders, so here's how to protect your voice.

The Benefits of Living In a Teeny House

The author of "The Big Tiny" cites the financial and emotional upsides.

Off to College: How to Step Back but Stay Connected

Three common issues your kid may face and what to do (or not do) to help.

The 7 Best Places to Retire Around the World

The new Retire Overseas Index has a surprising, but gorgeous, winner.

5 Tips to Find Meaning and Purpose in Later Life

How to program your internal GPS in retirement.

7 Ways to Avoid Stress-Related Weight Gain

How to chill out and keep the pounds off.

How to Become a Boomer Tech Genius

Humorous and helpful ideas to get savvy about electronics and apps

How to Dip Your Toe Into the Encore Career Waters

An Encore Fellowship lets you try out a second act with purpose

30-Day Declutter Challenge: What I've Learned

Halfway through, I've got a pile of junk and gained some wisdom, too

Adapting to The Half-Empty Nest

The benefits of having your child leave home slowly

Robin Williams, Depression and Suicide in Midlife

One doctor offers insights into why treating depression is tricky

You Can Retire Sooner Than You Think (Maybe)

Tips from Wes Moss, author and host of radio's "Money Matters".

Why We Lose Friends in Midlife

Six situations that make us 'break up' with our one-time BFFs.

Are Your Friends Bad For Your Health?

4 ways to handle toxic behaviors and protect your wellbeing.

When One Spouse Is Healthy and the Other Isn't

How couples cope with health differences that could divide them.

5 Things Older Prisoners Want You to Know

A stunning photo project mines critical wisdom from regret.

How to Filter the Financial Noise in Retirement

This adviser has 10 ways to avoid making bad investing moves.

Why New Zealand's Retirement System Works So Well

The KiwiSaver program down under has over-the-top results.

4 Tips for Networking to Change Fields

What to do and say to make connections for a career switch.

Surprising Factors Affecting Workout Energy After 50

Fix these seven to beat fatigue and revive your fitness routine.

Should You Let Someone Pick Your Brain For Free?

When (and when not) to charge for your expertise and time.

3 Essential Tips to Switch to a Second Career

This nurse turned yoga studio owner offers advice from her experience.

Fiftysomething Diet: 5 Healthy Summer Treats

Beat the heat with these cool and refreshing recipes.

Plotting Your Next Move for "Unretirement"

Advice on what to do, and when, to write your next chapter.

When Should You Step In to Help Your Parents?

They may brush off your offers, so suss out their true needs.

Why Cruises Are Ideal for Boomers Traveling Solo

Some lines waive single supplements and single cabins are less rare.

Hospice Abuses: A Must-Read Expose

A compelling report on corruption ultimately helps patients and families.

How to Declare Your Financial Independence

Tips from a man who did, plus apps and sites that can help you.

5 Money Moves for Boomer Couples to Consider

Preparing for the strong odds that a wife will outlive her husband.

Best and Worst States for Long-Term Care

A new ranking shows big variations in affordability, quality, and choices.

A Surprising Way to Handle Grief

A widow asks why she should 'get over it' when it is a reminder of love.

6 Ways Google Alerts Can Help You Land a Job

How to use the search tool to crack the hidden job market.

How to Avoid the Perils of Online Banking

8 tips to prevent careless, sometimes costly, mistakes.

Bringing Back the Band to Beat the Midlife Blues

When life gets you down, the nostalgia and friendships of youth can lift you up

Finding Your Place in Your Child's Wedding Plans

5 tips to figure out your role and get peace of mind, too

What to Say When You're Networking

Think of these conversations as the verbal equivalent of ballroom dancing

6 Menopause Myths, Debunked

Separating fact from fiction about this life transition

10 Job Interview Questions YOU Should Ask

Posing them will help you find work in two important ways

3 Innovative Ways to Age in Place

Boomers and their parents are finding new ways to live at home longer

We're Flying Blind Investing for Retirement

If you're in the dark about your holdings, get professional help

Bicycle Vacations: Boomers' Latest Travel Trend

Answers to seven common questions about cycling tours.

The Bright Spots and Challenges of Growing Older

A candid talk with Paul Irving, author of The Upside of Aging.

What New College Grads Need to Know About Money

Guidance to navigate credit cards, renter's insurance, and bank accounts.

Male Vs. Female Brains: What's the Difference?

The answer is key to what happens to each gender after a stroke

Busting the Myths About Work in Retirement

Merrill Lynch got a few surprises when it surveyed retirees.

5 Reasons Job Applicants Don't Hear Back

What to do when it's radio silence from hiring managers and recruiters.

This Summer's Movies for Grown-Ups

A guide to flicks with mature themes, venerable actors, and plots you can relate to.

What Should You Weigh?

Figuring out what the scale should say, not what you want it to, is worth the trouble.

8 Money and Work Tips for My College-Grad Niece

Helpful advice for you and the rest of the Class of 2014.

3 Ways to Love Your Gut

A microbiologist gives the scoop on feeding the microbes that make us healthy.

Next Avenue Readers: Your Health Poll Results Say...

You're taking pretty good care, but can take some steps to improve

How Warren Buffett Made Me Smarter About Charity

Tips from a Giving With Purpose MOOC he helped teach.

How I Finally Gave Up Junk Food

Under duress, the author abandoned Ring Dings for stir-fry.

Future Cities With Walking Paths and Wi-Fi, Please

A new poll shows millennials and boomers want the same things where they'll live.

Stretches and Exercises for Tired, Achy Legs

4 ways to ease leg and knee pain caused by overdoing it.

A Privacy Expert's 3 Tips to Protect Yourself Online

The Dragnet Nation author says it's about more than passwords.

What's Your Plan If You Live to 100?

A survey of centenarians and boomers shows a path for positive aging.

Internships Aren't Just For College Kids

How to find a midlife internship to switch fields and make it work.

How to Tap Home Equity Without Owing Interest

The catch: you may need to give up some money when you sell.

‘There is No Cure for Aging’ — So Embrace It

This video inspires us to age well and celebrate growing old.

How to Retire All Over the World

The Home Sweet Anywhere author and her husband do that and say you can, too.

Ways to Get More Purpose From Your Work

The Purpose Economy author says: know your Who, How and Why.

How Apple Cake Saved Her From Foreclosure

The inspiring 'Apple Mortgage Cake' TV film premieres this weekend.
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