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Our highly qualified engineers and staff will work with you at Fraser, or will assist your own engineer. Fraser facilities featured in Radio Magazine

 WGBH Fraser Performance Recording Studio

 New England String Ensemble

• Our superb acoustically designed recording studio can accommodate up to a 60-piece orchestra.

• 52’ x 34’ with a 28’ ceiling, approximately 1,800 sq. ft.

• 2 ISO booths for isolated vocal overdubs, narration, drums, or other individual instruments. 

• Two-story windows in a beautiful room create a great sense of space and natural light.

Natural Light

• Designed for isolation, absorption, and diffraction. The "room within a room" floating floor on top of a resiliently mounted concrete slab isolates the studio from rest of the building. The acoustically treated fiberglass walls allow for low-frequency absorption, while the high ceiling provides additional sound diffraction.

Instruments available:

Steinway Model D Concert Grand "Hamburg" Piano

Steinway Model B Concert Grand "Hamburg" Piano

Fraser Steinway Pianos Hamburg D and B


Musicians Root and Vandelf perform with Fraser Harpsichord

• 1973 William Dowd harpsichord, modeled after 18th-century double manual instrument by Pascal Taskin.

Tunings arranged for your session.


• Large selection of high-quality microphones including AKG, B&K, DPA, Neumann, and Schoeps.    View the list of our microphones

• 40 music stands and chairs, personal headphone mixing stations, and a conductor podium.

• Full drum kit and choir risers are available upon request.

• DMX control and lighting dimmers

• A full lighting pack is available for your video shoots.

• Experienced, courteous engineers can work with you or your engineer.

Control Room 1        

Control Room 1 Fraser Studios

 • Designed for efficient and flexible stereo or   surround multitrack recording.

• SSL C200 digital console with automation. 48  mic inputs, 64 channels (total 128 inputs).

• Nuendo 48-track DAW multitrack with    ProTools capability.

• ATC 100 stereo monitoring speakers

Five matched Dynaudio AIR speakers and subwoofer for surround mixing.
  Additional monitors available upon request, or you can bring your own.

• TC Electronics M6000 with mastering and reverb, Lexicon 300 Reverb and Eventide Harmonizer, delay and effects plug-ins.

• Multiple DVD/CD recorders and Flash recorder

•Video synchronization for audio lock to picture production.

Control Room 2

Control Room Two Mastering Suite Fraser

 •Control Room 2 is designed for all your postproduction needs, including digital editing, mixing, and mastering.

• CD mastering and audio sweetening include a full complement of audio restoration and noise clean-up services.

• Euphonix MC Pro Controller/Nuendo DAW interface and Yamaha DM1000 allow for fully automated mixing.

• TC Electronics M6000 with mastering and reverb.

• ATC 100 stereo monitoring speakers
Five matched Dynaudio AIR speakers and subwoofer for surround mixing.
Additional monitors available upon request, or you can bring your own.

Additional studios and control rooms are available for narration, ISDN, and telephone interviews, radio talk shows, books on tape, foley, voice and production work.


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